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Calamansi Cheesecake Indulgence by Irene-0407

The Cheesecake Queen of Manila. After some research and no one seems to have that moniker as of this writing, it may be best to give it to the lady behind Indulgence by Irene. Time and time again, her cheesecake creations have constantly made it to the list of Manila’s best desserts. Starting with the […]

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Fruits in Bloom Philippines-0186

Look at what came from the mail, courtesy of the great people from KTG! (For those curious about who KTG is, they are the group of some of the most prominent food and travel Philippine journalists and bloggers, and what’s good about this group is that they support various social and charity institutions of society! […]

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Bono Gelato New Flavors Summer 2014-9988

Without a doubt, summer is on searing mode in Manila. It’s no wonder people flock to the malls more than ever. Serving as some sort of air-conditioned parks, malls in the Philippines like that of SM Aura provide entertaining real estate at comfort cooling temperatures. Still, some look for that extra kick in cooling down. […]

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Magnum Manila SM Aura Sneak Peek-7921

When Magnum ice cream bar came to Manila, it came with one hell of a bang. Controversy followed suit about how can an ice cream bar elicit so much pleasurable raves and unforgettable indulgences. And they kept on coming with new flavors. Now, as if like to make the statement, The Magnum Manila Pleasure Store […]

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Temptation for Two Cooking Class by Chef Romain Renard Makati Shangri-La Philippines-9608

This has got to be one of the sweetest things to happen for Makati Shangri-La this year of 2014. Joining their ranks is a world famous pastry chef. Romain Renard brings with him about 20 years of experience, most of it working in Michelin-rated restaurants and world renowned five-star restaurants. His portfolio extends practically everywhere […]

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Wildflour Cafe Philippines DSC_0067

It had a good run. In the beginning of 2014, Wildflour Cafe announced that its version of the Cronut (Croissant-Doughnut) would take a bow and stop production for now come January 31, 2014. They said, and as quoted from their Faceboook Page: “ It’s been a wild, often back-breaking ride of creating frosting and flakiness for […]

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Tsokolate Tablea Cheesecake from Indulgence by Irene Philippines-8536

Something new from the kitchen of Irene Co. For the past few years, Indulgence by Irene’s Queso de Bola and Chocnut Cheesecakes have gotten some of the food lovers in the metro hooked in its blend of sharp, creamy taste and sinfully rich texture. Now comes a creation with even more Filipino inspirations using the […]

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Kettle Restaurant Shangri-La Mall Philippines-8345

Ah. The new East Wing of the Shangri-La Mall in the Philippines. Very posh looking with great hints of Filipiniana accents interpreted for the modern times. It really is a great looking addition to an already established shopping center. And with it, new food concepts to the fast developing Filipino palate for distinction and quality. […]

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Get in My Belly One Bite Brookies Choco Chip Cookies_131016-thumbnail

Get in My Belly’s One-Bite Brookies and Chocolate Chip Cookies are just how we like them – chewy and moist in the center. The right sweetness makes it too addicting to stop popping one morsel after another.

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Ensaymada-Nut from Quirky Bacon Philippines-8489

Could this be true? Well, if it is not a real answer to the cronut, then it is for sure an answer to all the cronut copycats. With the cronut of Dominique Ansel copied at every corner of the world requiring him to patent the name and its method of cooking, maybe it is time […]

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Solace Wine and Dine Restaurant Makati Philippines-8235

It is an unforgiving world out there. The working population is always battered with endless barrages of pressure, urgency, competition, and people who feel like they will be devoured if they do not do what is required of them. And that is just the commute to the office. It would be nice if each one […]

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Here at En Route, it’s all about simple, homey, comfort food dishes that any man or woman is bound to love (this is also because this is the most we can cook with our current abilities. Those manchego souffles and tomato confit ala Lolo Dad’s still need to be practiced). But for this dinner set, […]

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Bono Artisanal Gelato Philippines-6907

    Bono Artisanal Gelato has been in the Philippine market for quite some time already, gaining its own cult following of those who are more particular about their frozen treat experience. The more renowned and knowledgeable taste buds of the metro have given their praise to the quality and freshness of Bono’s unique gelato […]

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Power Lunch Specials at Long Bar Raffles Hotel Makati Philippines-6676

Power Lunch is often defined as a somewhat high-level business networking / meeting / congregation over an extended lunch period. This lunch period can last somewhere to the tune of three hours, as you build your case or continue your networking engagements in the hopes of achieving results. Some even go all the way until […]

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Homemade Treasures Classic Ensaymada and Cheese Roll Philippines Cover

During one get together, a good friend mentioned that there is this brand of home-made, non commercialized ensaymada and cheese rolls that just need to be ordered as a small treat once in a while. It comes from Pampanga so it needed some advanced booking if ever you wanted to get a piece of it. […]

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Laduree Macaron from Paris France Cover

This was given as a gift by a friend who shares the same enthusiasm of the dreams of this blog reaching the shores of France.   Laduree is actually a French brand of luxury pastries, but they are known also for making some of the best macarons in the world. There are outlets already in […]

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