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Diageo World Class Bartender 2015 Philippines-1623

      Bartending and the art of mixology have gained a massive foothold in the Philippine food scene the past two years, and it just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Proof of which are the opening of some of the places that puts more emphasis on the technique of the craft rather than the […]

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Perfect Pint Fort Bonifacio Global City Philippines

Things really are picking up for the craft beer industry after that big Drink Up! Philippines event. People have a greater appreciation now of the bubbly brew and are now willing to explore the various crafts made by small breweries. Perfect Pint in Fort Bonifacio Global City is one of them, but this one focuses […]

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Brotzeit New Sandwiches 2014-0304

One sweltering weekend afternoon, a few friends over beer, and then some sandwiches. You cannot deny it. There’s just something about a meaty, succulent sandwich that just manages to find that spot in your brain to trigger an order of beer. Could it be the mere salt content that the sandwich filling has? Or it […]

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Olive Tree Kitchen and Bar OTKB Bonifacio High Street Fort Bonifacio Philippines-9363

Something new is taking root in Bonifacio High Street. What used to be the old Stock Market, is this new, homey looking restaurant called Olive Tree Kitchen and Bar. People have taken into calling it OTKB, much to the proponents delight as it is their initiative to give it that moniker. Oh, and one of […]

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Burgers and Brewskies Restaurant Burgos Circle Fort Bonifacio Philippines-9349

How does one begin describing a very simple thing such as a hamburger, yet convince everyone that what you are sharing may be one of the best damn burgers in Manila? Maybe it is good to start that it is not found in the swanky places or five star hotels. Maybe it is good to […]

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Diageo World Class Bartender of the Year 2014 Philippines-9129

Recognizing bartenders as much as world class chefs has always been an advocacy here. More than being nameless John Does at the other side of the bar churning and shaking up a concoction for inebriety, there is more to being a bartender. You ingrain to yourself the basics of being precise in your measurements to […]

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Global Beer Exchange Cocktails by Jim 2014-9097

Jim has made some new stuff for the boozies out there. For those who don’t know Jim, Jim is the purveyor of fine craft beers in Global Beer Exchange, tantalizing the Philippine market with fine brews, showing that there’s more to beer than sheer intoxication and its yet to be proven problem solving qualities. He […]

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Just came from Skinny Mike’s Sports Bar in Fort Bonifacio. Traffic has not really been favorable today (Heard tragic news of a bus that lost brakes and plowed through waiting pedestrians this morning. Very heartbreaking) and since it was not productive to be part of the rat pack on the road, it was better to […]

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Frankie's Buffalo Wings City Golf Center Ortigas Pasig Philippines-7924

Chicken wings. It seems very universal that it is hard to find someone who doesn’t like them. Then they made flavored versions of it, making them even more irresistible. We’ve even tried making it ourselves! (Recipe for Double-Fried Korean Chicken) Frankie’s Wings is one of these joints that has chicken wings as its main selling […]

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Cellar Nights Cocktails of Mad For Garlic Philippines-6534

You have to love a booming economy. Not only does it give a higher spending propensity to a majority of the hard working class, it also consequentially uplifts their quality of life and discernment for things they consume, as the market opens up to embrace more sophisticated lifestyle choices, which provides a more rewarding experience. […]

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Dillingers 1903 New Menu Greenbelt Makati City Philippines-7605

    The first visit to Dillingers 1903 in Makati City were due to a tip that it has some great value-for-money ribeye steaks, more authentic tasting buffalo wings, and a single-malt whisky selection that boasts more than the usual Johnnie Walker (Laprhoaig, anyone?). It did satisfy, and gave some new ideas about the less […]

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Las Flores Tapas Bar Fort Bonifacio Philippines_130814-3

We remember the drinks, but we do get curious about who the brains are behind some of our favorite cocktails. They definitely deserve celebrity status in our books. Without them, how would we ever discover the flavor profiles of the wonderful world of alcohol and spirits? We raise our glasses to them and say, “Our compliments to the bartender.”

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Exit Bar Speakeasy Makati City Philippines-7459

People who are in touch with the bar scene in Manila are wondering where Exit Bar is. So where is it really? Well…. we won’t tell you.     We won’t tell you that it is in Makati just walking distance from Greenbelt 1. We won’t tell you that it is through the Plaza Cafe […]

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Vask Tapas Bar and Restaurant Fort Bonifacio Philippines Cover

After a Tapas Food trip in Barcelona, having more tapas bars in the metro is a welcome sight. You have probably heard it through the grapevine, if not the newspapers that have featured the latest and revolutionary restaurant that has taken the Manila food scene by storm. Vask Tapas Bar and Restaurant brings some Spanish cuisine […]

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Wingman at The Collective Malugay Makati City Philippines-6715

There was this errand for car repairs that needed to be done near the Malugay / Yakal Street area of Makati City to coincide with a lunch break, so it called for a quick, no-frills, comfort food lunch mission. Recently someone suggested to try out Wingman at The Collective. This was a familiar area, too, […]

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Brotzeit Opens in the Philippines Shangri-La Mall Mandaluyong Philippines Cover

When you do a quick Google search on “German Restaurants in Manila”, no definite name seems to come out. There was one just half a decade ago called Mickey’s Delicatessen in Jupiter Street in Makati, with the sausage making now continued at the quaint Poco Deli in Kapitolyo and Ayala Triange Gardens. And for those […]

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