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TWG The Wellness Group Tea Salon Philippines-thumbnail

A pot of tea from TWG (The Wellness Group). The giant canisters of tea that line the walls were just too hard to resist. It was like entering an expensive candy shop, except I felt healthier in my selection.

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Gong Cha-15thumbnail

Gong Cha was easily a favorite upon the first couple of sips. It’s automatically part of our top picks for milk tea in Manila!

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En Route Saint's Alp Tea House Philippines Cover

You would think the people behind En Route would have their taste buds soaked in so much milk tea that it’s becoming sickening. Well there’s still more to try! (Yes. That means there will be more milk tea reviews soon!). So here’s another one that at first glance, seems like there must have been a […]

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Chatime, milk tea, tea, milk tea places in the Philippines, Shops and Restaurants in Mandaluyong City

Chatime, my introduction into the flavorful and amazing world of milk tea. :D

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Raintree Teapresso Blends Katipunan Ave Quezon City Philippines, Raintree Teapresso Blends Katipunan, Raintree Katipunan, Milk Tea, Milk Tea Places in Quezon City, tea, Bubble Tea

Raintree Teapresso Blends along Katipunan Ave. is the latest milk tea place to try. Get addicted to the rich tea flavors that their freshly brewed drinks offer!

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Ersao Philippines Cover

  And the milk tea cravings continue. This particular brand has been overheard from friends and other online forums. It seems to have garnered its own loyal following, standing by the brand even with other popular names situated around more prominent places. Ersao was a brand imported from Taiwan. Their focus is not really on […]

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Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Tea Latte, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Tea Latte, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Tea, Tea Latte, CBTL, Milk Tea, Tea

Before the onslaught of milk teas, our typical cafes like Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf have been serving us tea with milk already – the tea latte.

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Moonleaf Tea Shop, Moonleaf Tea, Moonleaf Milk Tea, Milk Tea, Tea, Moonleaf Philippines, Moonleaf Quezon City, Milk Tea Places in Quezon City

Our milk tea craze continues! This time, we head to the Quezon City area to try out Moonleaf!

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Happy Lemon Eastwood Quezon City Philippines, Happy Lemon Philippines, Happy Lemon Manila, Milk Tea

Drinks with creativity and flair will hardly fail in putting a smile to your lips. Have some Happy Lemon to brighten up your day!

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Serenitea, Serenitea Milk Tea, Serenitea Eastwood, Milk Tea

Tea is not just served hot and from a pot anymore. And it’s catching on to all those designer coffees. Here’s a taste of Serenitea.

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The Kebab Factory Burgos Circle Fort Bonifacio Taguig Philippines, Kebab Factory, Kebab, Burgos Circle Restaurants, Fort Bonifacio Restaurants

You say kabob, I say kebab.  (To-mah-to, to-may-to.)  Better yet, we collectively call anything skewered as barbecue.  More commonly spelled as BBQ. Thanks to our friends at Myfoodtrip, we were able to try out Kebab Factory in the Burgos Circle of Fort Bonifacio and add to our list of Indian-Persian restaurants.  It was one of […]

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Teazann, Valero Makati, Tea, food

A restaurant named after herbal tea along Valero, Teazann offers you a lot more than just tea.

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Coke + WWF Billboard, Plant Billboard, Coke Plant Billboard, WWWF Plant Billboard, Philippine Billboards, Outdoor Billboards

It’s alive! Coca-Cola and World Wildlife Fund team up for a living, breathing billboard along EDSA that’s made up of many plants to absorb CO2.

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En Route Green Tea Flavored KitKat from Japan

Great is the influence of Japan that with such small land area they have emerged as one of the largest world economies that our cars, electronics, and even our inclination for lifestyle preferences has Japan stamped all over it (Anime, Cosplay, and JDM cars, anyone?). They are so big that some popular western products even […]

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