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I had to find a way to remember where we were heading for dinner last July 2.  It was a dinner for the birthday of my boyfriend’s sister.  Every time I was asked about my plans that Friday night, I kept on trying to remember what that place was called.  I either said, “somewhere in Horseshoe,” “L-something” or “Lumeria”.  Of course the last one was close but still wrong and sounded like some fantasy kingdom for some RPG video game.

We had dinner at LEMURIA, an exclusive fine-dining restaurant that’s tucked away in Horseshoe Village, Quezon City. The menu boasts of gourmet French-Mediterranean cuisine and wine-lovers (like myself) will get thrilled at their extensive wine list.  The restaurant actually sits on top of the cellar for Brumms Quality Wines, Inc.

They welcome you at the gate so by the time you enter the restaurant, a waiter is already there to usher you to the table you reserved.  The whole place is warmly lit. The yellow lights play well against the light wood panels and various trinkets that decorate the place.

A dish is about at least Php500.  A main course can cost you anywhere from Php700 and Php1200.

For appetizers, we ordered the Feta and Watermelon salad, with chick peas in lemon vanilla, macopa raspberry vinaigrette and Pasta ala Romans, Homemade ravioli of ricotta and organic egg, walnut and parsley.  I was surprised at how the combination of a watery fruit like watermelon tasted well with vinaigrette.  You can get full with just these alone. They also provide freshly baked (or heated) bread served with butter.

For the entrée, those who wanted it light opted for the Sea Bass, poached in saffron olive jus with braised fennel while those who longed for meat took the Braised lamb shank, apricots and red wine sauce and the Entrecote, Grilled (Angus or Wagyu) served with mashed potato. The sauce options are: Bordelaise sauce, Mushroom sauce or Foie Butter (mmm, foie butter…).

Sea Bass, Poached in Saffron Olive jus with Braised Fennel

Braised Lamb Shank

I can’t remember the two wines we tried but they were both good.  Just the thought that is was taken from a cellar downstairs lends an addition to the experience of drinking it for me.

We finished it off with an order of Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate.- Ravioli, flourless chocolate cake and chocolate soufflé with grand Marnier.  I would have regretted not having any dessert.  I liked the soufflé best.

Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate

Now, I still get the name wrong.  But at least I have a way of remembering it already.  And I’ve been told that one thing I should try is the Seared Foie Gras, braised cabbage and fig glaze from the appetizers list.

Lemuria can be located at #5 Julieta Circle Horsehoe Village, Quezon City, Philippines.  Best if you reserve because you can never tell how much demand a place like this could have at any time.

Telephone numbers: +63.2.724.5211, +63.2.722.2185, +63.2.724.6306

Fax Number: +63.2.721.5352

E-mail Address: [email protected], [email protected].

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