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I recently flew down to Bohol to join my friends, Philip and Mae, on their fabulous wedding day.  I just spent my fourth vacation there and ended it with the constant desire to go back really soon.

In my five days there, my initial fascination about this island was still ever-present.  Contrary to my past two trips which were mostly spent on the beach of Panglao island, I opted to stay in Tagbilaran City.  It was a welcome change of scenery and you instantly feel the change in pace of life at least for a few days.

Tagbilaran City is known as the City of Friendship.  I can personally attest to this.  The Boholanos have an innate love for their home.  You can see that it’s ingrained in them to care for it and promote it.  The hospitality is the best I’ve experienced based on the local destinations I’ve been to so far.  The streets are clean.  They’re safe to walk in even at night.  There is discipline on the road even if some roads are narrow already.   They promote tourism for their home best by showing how much they take pride in it.

This is a destination where you can do so much.  Whether you’re looking forward to relaxing and doing nothing or trying out the local food or seeing the sights, Bohol has everything to offer.  The tours can consist of daring to go on their zip line over Loboc River, climbing 214 steps to the top of one of the famous Chocolate Hills, marveling at the sheer genius of putting up a man-made forest, or bumming around on the beach with a cold beer in hand.

No matter how many times I go here, I keep wishing to go back.  And each visit I make, I find at least one more reason to love it.

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