Ma Femme est une Actrice (My Wife is an Actress)

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I can imagine it must be hard, whether it’s the guy or the girl, to be in a relationship and have to share your partner with the rest of the world.

Here, you see Yvan struggle with the pangs of jealousy and insecurity over the attention and the special favors that his wife, Charlotte, receives.  Not to mention the intimate scenes with co-stars that she has to do (and he has to watch).  Imagine that.

The story makes you end up feeling for the couple.  You understand what they are both going through and you can’t blame them for acting the way they do.  It doesn’t help that there are also certain outside factors that contribute to the gap they experience in their marriage struggle.  It’s an amusing film.  Especially Yvan’s character.  Oh, and the actors, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Yvan Attal (also the director and writer of the film), are married in real life.

I was able to share this movie with my  classmates in French 2.  We watched it with English subtitles. 😛  It was funny that we were both watching the story and we were all trying to catch at least some words we could understand  at the same time.  A struggle still since they all talk so fast.  We will learn. Eventually. Avec optimisme (hopefully). 🙂

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  1. goldyyancha says:

    Haha! I was about to make a blog post on this movie too! ‘Twas very flambouyant, not a typical french film at all – but in a good way.

    Good luck sa atin sa finals next week! 😀

    • lynneenroute says:

      I didn’t even analyze it anymore. I just found it amusing overall.
      Good luck to the max on our finals. I haven’t reviewed! Baka yung Quel/le ko maging Qui na naman. Hahaha!

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