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With all this talk of the odd-even scheme being resurrected specifically for EDSA, I can’t help but say my piece.  If they could only regulate the number of buses on the road, I think EDSA will go back to being relatively manageable.   In the absence of an efficient train and public transport system, you can’t deprive private car owners the comforts and security of driving their own car.

We need to look at what really causes the slow down on the roads.  Here we re-visit grade school science.  Matter is anything that has mass and occupies space.   Therefore the bigger the matter, the bigger the space they take up.  So, the big monsters on the road actually are all the buses that keep shifting lanes and run with a stop and go pattern.  And no, just because a lot of them are empty doesn’t mean that they occupy less surface area on the road. 😛

These are photos of buses cutting each other off at night last week and the tagging operations I saw near White Plains Avenue one Saturday morning.

Jeepneys and their sheer volume and invincible attitude on the road are next on my list.  In one of the photos, you’ll see that almost every other vehicle in Ortigas traffic is a jeepney.  And yes, some of them have creepy illustrations on their panels.

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