Relish at Ponte – A Lunch Respite

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Relish, for me, is something I normally associate with pickles and Lady’s choice.  😛

If I were to think of it as a verb, I automatically think: cherish.

Relish Restaurant is a new addition to the numerous Makati restaurants, especially those along Valero.  It’s only been open for about two months and is drawing crowds from the different offices within the area.

I like it because of its simple interiors.  Nice clean lines and neutral colors were used with splashes of color achieved through accents like table decorations.It’s a nice break from the usual fast-food or convenience store food we have to make do with when we’re trying to fit in a decent lunch.  Sometimes it’s nice to slow down and take a break from work’s usual frenzy and just appreciate good food.The menu seems to be Mediterranean in inspiration and their servings are huge.  While the dishes are good for sharing, they unfortunately charge a splitting fee of P50.  I really hope they rethink this.  It’s not what I’d call a come-on for a restaurant, really.  If they want people to order more food, then maybe they should just have smaller servings or have different sizes like personal/ solo and for sharing.  To see their full menu, click here.Roasted Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin soup’s nice because you can actually taste bits of the pumpkin and I think some nut for texture.  It’s not like one of those overprocessed soups that come from a big vat and is just reheated and reheated throughout the day.

Relish Roasted Chicken with garlic, lemon and oregano

This is just half of the order.  I got the white meat part and was pleasantly surprised to still find the meat juicy and tasty (because the problem with the chicken breast part is that it’s usually drier than the leg and wing parts).  Nice simple flavors from the oregano. The “dip” seemed like some stock and the drippings from roasting the chicken.

Relish Lemonade with Mint

The lemonade almost feels like a mojito sans the alcohol. 😛

They also serve select cocktails by the carafe.  I’m curious if their drinks are any good.

Service was good.  The waiters were accommodating and even had the initiative of offering more hot water for our tea.  The manager came up to us herself to ask how everything was with our meal.  I hope it’s not  just something they’re doing because they’re new.  It’s nice to be attended to even for a few minutes so I hope they keep the level of service up.

Like I said, it’s good food and it’s a worthy stop.  Any place that affords us some peace and quiet amidst our busy workdays is always welcome.  What you pay for is the whole package: food, drinks, ambience, and convenience.  It’s those little breaks from our work that we actually cherish.  Or should I say, relish?

Relish is located on the G/F of Ponte Salcedo Building, 120 Valero St., Makati City. For reservations, call (02) 519-3543.

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