Buon Giorno – A Good Day Starts With a Good Breakfast

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Breakfast sets the tone for the entire day.  Rush it and you might find yourself rushing the entire day.  Give enough time to appreciate the meal and you could fuel yourself into dealing with the rest of the day in a more level-headed and systematic, but relaxed pace.

The drive to Tagaytay on a Sunday set-up the anticipation for something warm, hearty, and preferably light to jumpstart our stomachs.  Traffic was light and the weather was just pleasant that day.

The choice to go to Buon Giorno was perfect.

Casually sip your coffee or tea in between spoonfuls of their pumpkin soup and bites of toast with a cheese omelette.   You can opt to dine inside but since we were gifted with such nice weather that day, we chose the canopied seat right beside the entrance, where we could do some people-watching the same time we admire the view of the lake.

Pumpkin soup that’s rich and creamy – more pumpkin than stock.  Croutons were freshly added and weren’t all soggy when it was served.

Who does not like omelette for breakfast?  The cheese omelette was naturally comforting but just maybe (this is my ambitious attempt to be culinary), it could be much better if a stronger cheese is added into the mix.  Maybe a sprinkling of gorgonzola?

Mmmm, freshly baked focaccia bread to be dipped in balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

Buon Giorno is one of the restaurants in The Cliffhouse in Tagaytay.  And for those who don’t have two hours to spare to drive out of town, they will be opening a branch in the Rockwell Business Center along Ortigas.  Minus the view though.

First-time visitors are asked to sign their guest book.  It’s interesting to see what people associate their first taste of Buon Giorno with.  The sweetest thing I saw was, “SHE SAID YES!!!”  Our entries were a mix of sentimentality and humor. 🙂

(Please don’t ask me who Lily is, where her carinderia can be located…and what in the world un-real rice is… :P)

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  1. chyng says:

    been eyeing this one for the longest time. nagdrool ako sa pumpkin soup! ♥

    (and btw, im not a fan of omelette’s ^_^ )

    • lynne says:

      I am a fan of the pumpkin soup too! You should try their sea bass! I’ll work on my follow-up entry about that soon. You can visit Facebook and like the En Route page so you can be updated on future entries!

  2. […] When we first tried Buon Giorno, it was a breakfast feature.  And now, it’s time we talked about their menu beyond breakfast.  It’s a lot that you can feast on. […]

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