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When we learned from Irene and Chef Ricci of Laya that they’ll be down to their last month of operation, we panicked!  While it has been a successful ride for them since they opened around mid- 2009, they need to relocate to Seattle.  We were definitely not going to miss a final visit to this place.

I first found out about Laya through a consumer trend presentation we had last September 2009 that mentioned how consumers were looking out for more personalized offers, with the personal touch serving the purpose of added value to elevate an occasion from everyday to special.  A week after, we experienced just how special it could get and that’s why I always have fond memories of the place.


I’ve always loved it here – the ambience, the service, the design of the place, and let’s not forget the FOOD!  The craziest thing is, just when I thought I had tasted the best of Laya, I come back and try some of the same dishes and they just seem to taste so much better! Definitely always gets better with each visit.

Amuse Bouche

The Original Trio of Appetizers: Stirfried Kaffir Lime Pork in Lettuce Wrap; Shrimp & Chicken Wanton Bag with Thai Sweet Chili; and Nori Prawn Roll with Mango Papaya Aioli

A Duo of Soup Shooters: Curried Pumpkin with Coconut Cream Froth and Wanton Crisp and Thai Tomato Basil with Cilantro Foam

Deconstructed Caesar Salad Sticks in Asian-style Aioli & Dips

Homemade Fresh Lychee Sorbet

Herb-Marinated US HangingTender Steak in a Red Wine & Rosemary Reduction with Spiced Crushed Potatoes

Cashew-crusted Salmon in Ginger Honey with Saffron Cashew Rice Pilaf

Dark Chocolate & Black Pepper Tart with Candied Ginger and Basil-infused Crème Anglaise

Too bad Irene wasn’t feeling well when we went there.  But thank you so much Irene and Ricci for the wonderful experiences we’ve had on all three of our visits.  (I wish we went there more.)  Good luck and I hope you cook something up whenever you come home to the Philippines.

Chef Ricci

Hurry up and see if they still have slots.  I hear they’re receiving bookings like crazy.  In case you miss them this month, they did say that they will still be coming up with other events for Laya patrons elsewhere (like the nearby Pinto Gallery) between January and April.

Have you visited Laya?  Tell me about it as I’d love to hear how your personal experience went. 🙂

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  1. Oh no, really? The BF and I have only been here ones, but we have such fond memories of this place. It was our first experience in private dining. We’ve been thinking of bringing friends over but just kept postponing as it was too far. We didn’t know they were closing down!

    • lynne says:

      I know the feeling. But maybe you’d be interested in Earth Cafe instead? I haven’t tried it but it’s the same people of Laya (Irene and Ricci). They’ve partnered with Pinto Gallery to operate a cafe there. I’m still trying to see if I can visit the place. I think it might only be around for a limited time, maybe up to March April? Click on the link I put here to check out their Facebook Page. 🙂

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