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At least that’s how dining here feels. The old house-converted-restaurant/ cafe along B. Gonzales St. in Loyola Heights provides you with the feeling of visiting your lola’s (grandma’s) house every Sunday for lunch.  They retained the architecture from who knows when, maybe the 60s, so a lot of the patrons might get a few flashbacks when they drop by.

Cafe Xocolat, cafe, Katipunan coffee shop

And once you’re inside, everything turns quirky.  Every nook and cranny is filled with ornaments, trinkets, old items, pieces of wood with different messages – some funny, some just generally spreading positive cheer.  Basically, all good and happy feelings associated with chocolate. 😀

Cafe Xocolat, cafe, Katipunan coffee shop, chocolate cake

Cafe Xocolat, cafe, Katipunan coffee shop Cafe Xocolat, cafe, Katipunan coffee shop Cafe Xocolat, cafe, Katipunan coffee shop Cafe Xocolat, cafe, Katipunan coffee shop

I won’t call the meals gourmet but, they have good items on the menu.  They have pasta and panini.  You can’t go wrong with the Meaty Lasagna’s classic recipe.  But I wasn’t particularly a fan of having chocolate shavings in a cream-based pasta though.  They also offer specials that change every now and then.  When we were there, they were offering cream dory and pork chops.

But really, it’s not the meal we come for, is it?  It’s dessert and hot choco!

Cafe Xocolat, cafe, Katipunan coffee shop, coffee, cafe mocha, hot chocolate

You MUST try That Xocolat Cake.  Failed to capture it with the camera but I was able to snap it with my phone. 😀  We happened to order another cake that I forgot (which isn’t on the menu for some reason…unless I just really don’t know what it is.)  Still, the only memory I have of cake is the Xocolat cake so I know it was good.

Cafe Xocolat, cafe, Katipunan coffee shop, chocolate cake

For the drinks, don’t leave without trying the hot chocolate.  (I had wanted to try the Siphon coffee but another table was already using the contraption.)  I also recommend the Hot Mocha Rush as a sugar free, low fat option.

We keep coming back to things that are familiar, yet offer us something new every time so there’s always something to look forward to.  Just like before when we were kids, you’d never know when Grandpa will give you a surprise treat or when Grandma will have your favorite dish prepared.  It’s stories shared and memories made. It’s always like coming home. 🙂


Haven’t checked out their Promenade and Serendra branches but the menu, I think, should be the same.  Have a look at it here or check out the Xocolat website.

cafe xocolat, xocolat menu

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  1. Leslie says:

    Great photos! I used to frequent this Katipunan branch, and I believe it’s the best, especially with the ambience. I agree I’m not a fan of the food (and that pasta with chocolate shavings) but definitely the drinks are yum (Vanilla Mudslide!). Perfect place to hang out with friends or study (free wifi), especially at the comfy couch. 🙂

    • lynne says:

      The photos are courtesy of Ray. 😉 And yes, I am a fan of their drinks also. I keep wondering why I never went here back in college. Hmm, must be the student allowance. 😛

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