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On days when you don’t have a specific craving in terms of cuisine, we aid our decision-making process with means that are readily available to us.

We toss a coin. Heads, it’s Filipino and tails, it’s Italian.

Heads it was.

I had heard about Chef Laudico’s Bistro Filipino but this was my first time to try it.  I find Filipino food fusion enough so I was curious what Fusion Filipino cuisine was going to be like.

The interiors were definitely Filipino.  I liked the dim and yellow lighting of the place.  (The lighting made it difficult to get decent pictures with my digicam though.)  The design gives off warmth and the setting’s great for intimate conversations between couples or even big groups.  I also like the touch of drapery in the center using woven fabric.

Being the meat-lover that I am, we started off with the Angus Beef Tapa (oven dried angus beef tapa served with tomato stuffed with pinakurat gel and salted egg). I loved the contrast of the beef with the salted egg.  Wasn’t a fan of the sauce though.

Chef Laudico, Bistro Filipino, Angus Beef Tapa

For me, a Filipino restaurant is never complete without sinigang.  But we were also curious about the other soups, so I’m glad more and more restos are offering soup shooters nowadays.  Our trio of soup included Pork Sinigang Puree, Chicken Binakol, and Adobo Shitake Cappuccino.  The sinigang is heaven!  I love the contrast of the soup puree with the fried battered veggies.  I found the Shitake too overpowering for the adobo and the ginger of the binakol was too strong.

Soup sips, Chef Laudico, Bistro Filipino, trio of soup

For the main course, we had Crispy Tilapia.  It was pretty good but, given the serving size, halfway through the meal, it lost its appeal.  But hey, at least you know the serving size gives you value via a filling meal. 😛

Again, it’s a nice place.  I got to relax on a Friday night after a busy week.  While I loved the Angus beef tapa and the sinigang, I can’t say the same for the rest of what we ordered.  Maybe we didn’t order the specialties or it could also have been a pre-conceived notion of what Filipino food’s supposed to taste like.  I did notice the dessert station filled with various chocolate items then, so there’s still a reason to go back (maybe not that soon though).

I guess there’s only so much you can decide on using a coin toss. 😛

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  1. Noelle says:

    Go there for Sunday brunch! They have this eat-all-you-can deal. I think it’s really worth it if you have a big appetite.

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