The Pianono of Bauan, Batangas

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Pianono Box. Who knew the treasures that Bauan, Batangas held underneath it Hiding inside an undecorated and unassuming box is a fluffy treat that induces jolts of happiness reminiscent of most gastronomic indulgences that make you sigh in contentment.

This area of Batangas is known for various cakes and pastries, but our frequent visits to the town of Bauan, Batangas have made us fall in love with a version of pianono. A quick Google search of pianono reveals a definition from a dedicated “Batanggenyo” free e-book from

Pianono of Ka Idro's Bakery. From Bauan, Batangas

“Pianono – uri ng tinapay na parang “cake roll” na walang icing

(Type of bread similar to a cake roll without any icing)

It’s so soft, pinching to remove it from the box it can cause blemishes on its surface. Upon slicing it, you will see a custard colored filling probably made from a blend of margarine and sugar. This is then rolled within a bread made from a consistency similar to that of a mamon, and then the whole piece is rolled into… you guessed it. More sugar 😛

The result is a soft sponge-like bread that immediately melts in your mouth and its filling totally overloading your taste buds with creamy sweetness. We have shared this with a few willing subjects and the demand to have a box brought home on a regular basis has reached an almost maniacal peak.

Still, what is best partnered with something from Batangas? Nothing less than an authentic cup of kapeng barako 😀 ! Take it bitter without cream and sugar to complement the already sweet pianono. Pianono with Kapeng Barako. the bittersweet symphony.  Bauan, Batangas

There are many bakeries in Bauan, Batangas, but the particular one that sells this pianono in discussion is Ka Idro’s Bakery. I believe that this recipe has been passed on to around four generations already, with their bakery not changing place since the time they were established.
Ka Idro, watching over the quality pianono. Bauan, BatangasFresh Pianono from Ka Idro's Bakery. Bauan, BatangasPianono box of 10, bound for Manila, but never even reached it

If you have experienced this tasty confection, write something down to spread the word, or maybe there are other hidden treasures that you would want to share for people to try 😀

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  2. they also have this in Bicol but it has added ground pili nuts as filling. so yummy 😀

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