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Coming from a steak filled food pictorial and movie night, it was not difficult to reminisce about one of the places visited early this year. For carnivores looking for some of the best places for steak in the Philippines, House of Wagyu Stone Grill in Eastwood, Quezon City may be one of those havens for those who can afford the the price.

En Route House of Wagyu Stone Grill Eastwood Entrance

It starts with the interior that is very much similar to other upscale steak houses: comfortable chairs, roomy aisles, and a lot of eagerly hungry people. They have large paper mats on each table that they replace once a guest is done dining. More on that later.

En Route House of Wagyu Stone Grill Eastwood Interior

En Route House of Wagyu Stone Grill Eastwood Malbec Wine



If you will enjoy fine dining steak, it is best to start off with your preferred wine. House of Wagyu has a list for your desired taste and price range. There was a craze for malbec during this occasion so that was ordered.




While waiting for your steak and sipping on wine, try their Suisse Raclettes (PHP 295.00) and their Soup of the Day. Raclettes have a very strong flavor and odor and is best paired with a portion of the potatoes that came with it. The soup for that day was cream of asparagus. It looked quite light in color but the flavor was there.

En Route House of Wagyu Stone Grill Eastwood Suisse RacleteEn Route House of Wagyu Stone Grill Eastwood Cream of Asparagus Soup

For the steak, there is a set selection depending on budget and appetite. It is separated as Wagyu Stone Grill (the popular ones), and Wagyu Grade 8 (This is for the more discriminating meat lover). It comes with your choice of sidings. First off is something from the Wagyu Stone Grill variety: 180g Rib Eye with King Prawn for Sides (PHP 1,495.00)

En Route House of Wagyu Stone Grill Eastwood Rib EyeEn Route House of Wagyu Stone Grill Eastwood King Prawn Side Order

En Route House of Wagyu Stone Grill Eastwood BibThe very first thing you will notice is that it is served raw on top of a huge stone heated enough to cook the steak. Be careful not to touch the stone. If it’s hot enough to cook steak then it’s hot enough to cook human flesh too.

The steak sizzles as it is cooked with its oil spattering in every direction, especially to the table (that’s where the paper made mats come in). It is best to wear the bib that comes with it to prevent your clothing from getting stained.

With wagyu being tender and well marbled, the fat getting cooked will flavor the steak with each and every slice. The beauty of having it cooked in the stone is you get to dictate the wellness of your steak. Slice it in little slivers and sear each side. Bite and chew slowly. This is a dish best savored with every munch 😀 !

En Route House of Wagyu Stone Grill Eastwood New York Strip

For the serious steak lover in our group, a 220g Wagyu Grade 8 Premium New York Strip was in order (PHP 1,995.00). Seeing the knife cut through it almost looked like it was just made of butter. No one else got to try it but judging from how it was cleaned up well into the bones, this probably was a winner.

En Route House of Wagyu Stone Grill Eastwood Sea Bass


House of Wagyu has non-steak options, too! Less carnivorous people will want to get the Grilled Seabass with Mornay or White Wine Sauce (PHP 995.00). This was cooked just right with a good amount of toughness to keep it in a fork but begins to melt in your mouth.




En Route House of Wagyu Stone Grill Eastwood Side

House of Wagyu Stone Grill in Eastwood is a luxurious home for great steak. This would be a good place to celebrate family gatherings where good wine paired with good steak is best shared with good company. There is a price to pay for such luxury, but an occasional treat out into fine food is always welcomed.

Time to look for more steak places!

House of Wagyu Stone Grill is located at G/F Eastwood Mall Veranda, Eastwood City, Libis Quezon City, Philippines. Tel. No. +632-706-5385

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