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Just like Twitter has #followfriday, here’s a version to celebrate the simple joy that is blogging. Nuffnang’s idea to have a Blog Day just made sense.  Who better to give you accolade than your fellow bloggers?

Nuffnang, Blog Day 2011

Ever since En Route began, we’ve accumulated a few favorite sites.  Here’s a peak into En Route’s top 6 of blogs we personally follow.

1. The Condo Chef

The Condo Chef, Blog Day 2011

Mouthwatering and inspiring.  Idda features the scrumptious dishes she makes for her family and friends.  Presented in really vivid colors, it’s hard not to go hungry.  The entries are also shared in a short and easy-to-digest posts.  So while you may not need to linger on the text of the entry.  You most likely will at the photos.  She cooks, she bakes, she’s a wife and mom, plus she’s a freelance broadcast producer.  I think she just rocks.

2. The Pickiest Eater

The Pickiest Eater, Blog Day 2011

Hailed as Mr. Myfoodtrip, Richie shares our love and undying loyalty to meat! Mmm…BACON. 😀  His recommendations have never been off-target and the way he shares his gastronomic indulgences is always entertaining.  Check him out on Twitter also for his latest food musings.

3. Bride and Breakfast

Bride and Breakfast, Blog Day 2011

Maybe it’s just the girl in me that makes me check out Janna’s blog often.  She provides wedding inspirations that just make you gush and say “awww.”  There’s something magical about watching how different people celebrate their big days.  And what’s better is that her site doesn’t just share inspirations, it also acts as a directory of possible suppliers soon-to-be-weds might want to look up. It’s nice to see someone completely embrace the love for well-organized and well-thought-out weddings that truly display the couple’s personalities.  And it never hurts to have good ideas for a wedding dress. 🙂

4. Excshoes Me

Excshoes Me, Blog Day 2011

While I might not talk about it so much, I have a love for shoes. (Ray will attest to that. :P) And when I discovered one of my other batchmates had a shoe blog, I looked at all of Golda’s entries from the very beginning up to her most recent post. 😀  I salivate at the sight of good shoes (yes, not just food).  While it’s primarily a shoe blog, she also gets to share her fashion style when she posts about shoes that she wears.  Someday…I will also put together my own wall of shoes!

5. Treasure Huntress

Treasure Huntress, Blog Day 2011

I love shopping just about as much as any normal girl does.  But I’m also practical.  So when I saw the new blog my former officemate had about fab finds and DIY stuff, I recognized it’s potential right away. I miss bargain shopping. I am a firm believer that you don’t have to spend too much on everything.  As long as you have a good eye for things, you can put together really prety ensembles.  And sometimes, it doesn’t really take a lot.  A few accessories can change an outfit in an instant.  How about a nice DIY necklace?  The Treasure Huntress gives you ideas about where to shop as well as things you can try experimenting on at home.

6. The Roadless Travellers

The Roadless Travellers, Blog Day 2011

I admire sites that are clean and easy on the eyes.  It makes it much more fun to navigate because you can click on so much.  The Roadless Travellers is a blog of another former officemate which is best described as a really eclectic collection of things that are cute, funny, interesting, enlightening, and inspiring.  It’s also about funky finds for the home, the kitchen, or the book collection. She has a really good eye for nice little pieces and actually has a good nose (or list of connections) for sales involving signature items.  Which reminds me, I still owe her a food trip. 😛

Happy reading! 😀


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  1. RichieZ says:

    Thanks Guys!! Bloggers shall some day rule the earth! Looking forward to more of your posts!

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