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And the milk tea cravings continue.

This particular brand has been overheard from friends and other online forums. It seems to have garnered its own loyal following, standing by the brand even with other popular names situated around more prominent places.

Ersao was a brand imported from Taiwan. Their focus is not really on milk tea but on Taiwanese snacks and quick meals.

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On the walls, you can pick rice meals, fried snacks, dumplings, and specialty noodles (They have maki mi also. Read about the En Route experience of Maki Mi in Ongpin Manosa here)


But since this is a review of milk teas, here goes one order:

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One order of Pearl Milk Tea costs PHP 45.00 it only comes in one size. For the same size, it is cheaper in comparison to the other designer milk tea brands. And the taste is quite satisfying.

After this milk tea test, Ersao is worth another visit, this time to try some of their Taiwanese grub.

You will be pleased to know that there are a few branches already around the metro. Swing by for a visit not only for the milk tea, but for their rice meals and noodles as well.

It pays to enrich your mind through your tummy 😛

Click here to be taken to to see all the other Ersao branches.

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  1. […] Alp is apparently a Hong Kong based brand selling the Taiwanese tea house and milk tea concepts. It’s pretty much like Ersao that sells food with their tea […]

  2. minton says:

    hi..i would like to ask if you know the contacts of Ersao Franchise? I would like to inquire with regards to their franchising policies and fees..thank you so much..

    • lynne says:

      Hi. Sorry but we don’t have a contact for a possible Ersao franchise. I just did a quick search for Ersao Philippines and I was able to get numbers for the Banawe branch: (02) 408-9665, (02) 740-8724. Maybe you could try asking them? If by any chance we come across someone you could contact for a franchise, we’ll let you know. 🙂

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