Public Security Servants and Ice Cream Inspired Uniforms

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If you live in a bustling metropolis, chances are you will encounter so much vehicular traffic that can make you scream in frustration (And here in Manila, it can be caused by notorious buses, street markets, and most recently, water utility expansions).

The solution concocted by modern civilization was giving birth to the traffic enforcer.

Dammit! Stoooooop!


Now, their presence is always a subject of heated debate on whether they really are effective or just aggravate the situation. No one really knows, but let us just all assume that one way or another, they work.

Also, they take in all the heat, smoke, dust, and irritations from all cars that pass their way. Not to mention they have to stay on the street almost all day, not being able to relieve themselves of stress or other natural functions.

The largest contribution they have given, however, is that they become a sounding board for all our frustrations of being on the road. One way or another, whether it is their fault or not, it sometimes becomes convenient for us to pass the blame to them. A thankless job that maybe once in a while, we should be thankful for.


So the proposal of this article is for all of us  to loosen up and find a way to be appreciative of their work by looking at them in a lighter note. Here in the Philippines, a majority fondly name them depending on the color of their uniforms. So taking inspiration from that idea, we present the idea of relating their uniform colors to ice cream flavors.

Note: This is an ever active page where we encourage our readers to also contribute. If ever you find any interesting colored traffic enforcer, visit our Facebook page, post the image there, and we will place it here, with all credits to you 😀





Makati City.

(Click here for more stuff about Makati City)



 Pic from 



(Click here to learn about stuff in Fort Bonifacio)


Strawberry Sorbet. 

Pic from 


MMDA Road Maintenance




Pic from 



Batangas City

(Click here for stuff about Batangas)



Pic from


PNP Field Crew

Blue Moon

Pic from 

Manila MTPB

Lemon Gelato

Pic from

Corregidor - Mocha Corregidor Mocha Ice Cream from

Corregidor Island

Mocha Cinnamon

Pic from

Pasay City - Orange Sorbet Orange Sorbet from

Pasay City

Orange Sorbet

Pic from

Pasig City Karangalan Area - Green Tea Green Tea Ice Cream from

Pasig City Karangalan Area

Green Tea

Pic from

Hong Kong Airport Security-1477 Coconut Sorbet Cones 4[8]

Hong Kong Airport Police

(Read more about Hong Kong)

Buko Sorbet

Pic from

If you have a public security enforcer that you wish to cherish by relating to a yummy ice cream flavor, just send us the pic and we will add it here. En Route believes this is a great community involvement project 😀 ! 


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  1. Sumi says:

    Wow! I never knew they wear purple in Batangas. This is such an amusement to read.. 🙂

    • rftreyes says:

      Let us know if you get to take pics of your favorite traffic enforcer so we can feature it here 😀

      And if you have an ice cream flavor in mind for him/her, let us know, too 😀 !

  2. […] Metro Manila), you can get caught off guard. One wrong move, and you have the local traffic cops (with mango ice cream colored uniforms) pounce with ninja-like […]

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