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My first official induction into the world of–hold on, I mean the wonderful world of milk tea was from Chatime.  And now, tea shall never be the same to me.  It suddenly got funkier and a lot more fun than the images of relaxation and tea pots that we’re used to.

Not that I’ve sworn off hot tea. No, no.  I’m just happy its family is expanding and more people are gaining awareness about its great flavors.

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I must have had dozens of glasses of Chatime milk tea already before I was finally able to write an entry about it.  I was holding out until I got to go to their flagship branch in Pioneer.

Once you get there, it’s such an experience you’ll trade with your typical coffee shop visit.  Comfy and chic, it is fun and relaxed at the same time.  Enjoy the bright purple and pink accents against the bright white of their interiors.  Sink into the ottomans or lean back against the soft seats with a glass of your milk tea concoction in hand.  Definitely a cool place to hang-out with friends up until the wee hours.  I think I’d like to do a lot of planning and thinking here.

Chatime’s choices are so varied that you seriously have to take your time in deciding.  A usual that we get is the Brown Rice Green Milk Tea with 80% sugar and Less Ice.  And like what we always look for from all the other milk tea places we’ve tried, we want that tea flavor intact.  And here, you still get that yummy yummy tea taste!  (If I could have a giant glass of milk tea everyday without getting fat, I would be a very happy girl. :D)  Now that I’ve shared with you my staple Chatime drink, I can move onto try the QQ Jelly ones because I’ve always been curious about them. 🙂

* Menu from their Facebook page

While I confess I’ve felt compelled to keep trying the different milk teas out there, it doesn’t hurt to have a favorite.  I’ll always be loyal to Chatime.  (It was even such a joy to discover a branch in the Hong Kong airport!)

Here are Chatime’s current branches in the Philippines:

  • Chatime Pioneer Center, Pasig
  • Chatime Robinson’s Galleria Supermarket
  • Chatime Landmark Bridgeway, Makati
  • Chatime One Archers Place, Taft
  • Chatime SM Mall of Asia, Manila

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  1. Sumi says:

    I first tried Chatime at their Taft branch, but totally forgot the taste of their milk tea.. XD Went back to their MoA branch a few times na rin, but I still find their milk tea a little lacking in sweetness. So far my fave is still Gong Cha, although I love Chatime’s color scheme! 🙂

    • lynne says:

      Gong Cha is a definite winner. Although Chatime is also my favorite. I even have them lessen the sweetness because I’m after the tea taste more. Haha. I guess we all look for something different from our drinks. 🙂

  2. Visited their banawe branch last night. Im also curious about the QQ jelly haha! 🙂 Can’t wait to try Chatime eats 🙂

  3. tried taro red bean milk tea! yummmm

  4. potatochie says:

    Hi, I am a Chatime lover also, have tried most of their milk tea variants. But my all time fave is the red bean milk tea at 30% sugar, less ice. Red bean already provide sweetness in a more palatable way compared to sugar. Must try also if you really love to have the tea taste is their Matcha Red Bean, you will savor the taste of a real tea without sacrificing its milky taste.

    • lynne says:

      Ooh, a red bean lover! I never thought red bean could provide a sweet flavor. But since you suggested it, I’ll look into that the next time. Thanks for the suggestion! I’m more of a roasted rice kind. 😀

  5. […] tea in SM Mall of Asia.  We know it was somewhere and we just had to keep on looking.  Unlike the bright colors of Chatime and the giant lemon of well, Happy Lemon, Gong Cha’s facade is quite simple and unimposing. […]

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  8. Mimi says:

    na excite naman ako itry ang chatime this payday! ano bang marerecommend mong flavor? ung Taro Milk Tea madalas ko nakikita na binibili ng iba eh, kahit sa facebook haha! na-adik na sila…malamang, ako ang susunod sa kanila. 🙂

    • rftreyes says:


      Two flavors are the current favorite:
      Brown Rice Milk Tea
      QQ Jelly Milk Tea

      QQ Jelly has pearls and nata de coco for that twist in flavor 🙂 Hope you guys like it 🙂

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