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And specialists they are.  In need of a spare key and you want to make sure the copy works? Head over to L.O.M. Key Specialist in Greenhills!

The L.O.M. Specialists Locksmiths at Work

They got the key right in one try.  This is compared to another place I tried that got the key wrong on two tries already.  The folks here even subscribe to a Locksmith Code wherein one of the rules is that they never keep a copy of any key they duplicate (meaning some places do???  Freaky…).

And what’s more interesting are the knick-knacks you see displayed in the store.  Apart from all things keys, you also see a few model cars on the racks.

L.O.M. Key Specialists Keys and Knick-knacks on DisplayL.O.M. Key Specialists Framed Keys on Display

L.O.M. Key Specialists can be located on the ground floor of the Greenhills Annapolis Carpark.

Contact Person: Ma. Theresa B. Ortigas (Owner)
Contact Numbers: 723-1697/0922-8388680

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  1. Sumi says:

    Interesting locksmiths’ store ah.. 🙂 I don’t own a lot of keys, but I have a fascination with antique and rustic keys.. 😀 Would love to have old keys framed like that and hung on my room’s wall 🙂

  2. Wow! This is certainly a very neat store!
    I’m sure it attracts many customers.

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