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‘Tis the season for sharing, giving…and FOOD!  We’re well into December by now and it’s just 20 days ’til Christmas.  If you’re still racking your brains for some gift ideas (yes, gifts for yourself are allowed. :D), food is never a bad place to look.  From the holiday hams to the Chinese New Year-themed tikoy, there’s bound to be one to suit your needs.  Of course, sweets are always part of the consideration.

Spoon is Flat Cupcakes, Cupcake Boutique

Just like these cupcakes that I got for my birthday.  I made sure to note down from the box and my searches led me to Cupcake Boutique by Klar Joseph.  These were just love, love, LOVE all over!  My favorite is the Chocotella because of the richness of the chocolate with a bittersweet crunch provided by a piece of  what seems like peanut brittle or a shard of caramel. (I find it really hard – like an immensely difficult task – to say no to chocolate! :P)

Spoon is Flat Cupcakes, Cupcake Boutique

Other cupcakes I’ve tried include the Red Velvet, the Diplomat (which uses Valrhona chocolate), Green Tea.  All equally  yummy and mouth-watering.

Look them up on their blog: or Facebook Page.  The Cupcake Boutique also has their own Facebook Page you can check out.

Other contact details I was able to find online are: +63 917 533 5527 and [email protected].


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  1. michy says:

    Looks yummy! 🙂

  2. Sumi says:

    Those cupcakes look yummy! Checked their page out, sadly they have a minimum of 6 per flavor policy.. Hmm.. I guess I’ll have to make a list of people I can gift cupcakes with, so I can get my own box of 6 assorted flavors.. XD

    • lynne says:

      If I may make a suggestion…go for the Chocotella and the Green tea because they seem more unique than the red velvets of this world. Although their red velvet is pretty darn good too!

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