The How-To of a Cosmopolitan and En Route’s Own Cosmo Mix

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The Cosmopolitan is one of the favorite drinks here at En Route. In almost any bar we go to, this cocktail is always ordered.

Why not with its pretty pink/red color and citrus flavor that leaves a clean palate and a fruity sweet finish

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It’s very simple to make one! Here are the things you will need for its mix that most people accept:

  • 2 ounces vodka (Preferrably Absolut Limon)
  • 1 ounce Cointreau
  • 1 ounce cranberry juice
  • 1 ounce Rose’s lime juice
  • 1 lemon wheel or lemon peel
  • Shaker


1. Mix all the ingredients into the shaker full of ice. Shake vigorously and strain into a cocktail glass. Add a wheel of lemon and stick it to the side, or twirl a lemon peel and drop it into the drink.

Very simple to make 🙂 Except that not everyone has access to such ingredients. Just buying these can cost you to the tune of around PHP 2,000.00 at the minimum for the bottles. It’s an “Ouch” for us budget conscious alcoholics looking for some sophisticated alternatives.


So in the interest of austerity and desperation being the mother of alcoholic inventions, En Route has sacrificed sobriety and liver health to experiment and come up with a cosmopolitan that can serve about 4-5 on a budget of PHP 200.00 😀 !

These are the main ingredients you need:

  • One (1) bottle of The Bar Orange Vodka (750ml): About PHP 85.00 on the high side. Can go as cheap as PHP 69.00
  • One (1) cranbery juice box. Buy ths particular brand as this is one of the cheapest at PHP 75.00 in SM Hypermarkets
  • One (1) bottle of lime juice. PHP 35.00 and you won’t even be using everything in it (So can be used for other drinks 😀 )
  • No shaker? Just improvise with a glass of ice and stir it there. Remove the ice in some creative methods. We leave this up to you 😛
  • No cocktail glass? Just drink it straight into any glass if you wish 😀 ! Who said you have to drink it in a cocktail glass anyway 😛 ?
  • No lemon? That’s fine. But garnishing makes everything look prettier 🙂

En Route How to Make a Cosmopolitan-3683

En Route How to Make a Cosmopolitan-3684Portioning:

  • 3 parts of the vodka
  • 2 parts cranberry juice
  • 1 part lime juice

Parts can mean any form of measurement you use. May it be in shots, glasses, or pitchers 😛

(We used pitchers before to make for 200 people. Check the pic below) Just make sure the portioning is consistent



Same as above. Add those lemon wheels or rinds if you wish.


En Route How to Make a CosmopolitanThis particular version has seen quite a huge demand from friends and relatives who want this in their party. The largest batch made was for the lovely couple Miko and Stef who were married in that Balay Indang article.

It came close to five gallons using about 16 vodka bottles dumped into a large jug. Good for 200 people, but apparently just 50 of them finished the whole thing.

Read about that Wedding and a small tour of Balay Indang here.

(We would like to thank Annabelle for this pic. If this pic wasn’t taken, no one would believe we really did a whole jug of cosmo aside from the drunk wedding guests)



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En Route How to Make a Cosmopolitan-3686We can mix one up for you guys. Just let us know and we wills end the bill 😛 Any untoward incidents brought about by excessive alcohol intake is beyond our responsibility 😛

Oh, and if you chance upon some bar or bartender who seems to be using this mix of ours and charges them at exorbitant rates, report them to us.

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    This is so nice! 😀 I’ve been liking cocktails so I’ll try making my own Cosmopolitan soon :3 Thanks for the recipe 😉

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