Commercial Airliners and their Safety Procedures

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For those of us who travel frequently using commercial airliners, you will always see the mandatory in flight safety procedure done by the flight crew in almost a zombie-like fashion. If you have seen this countless times, most probably you will ignore it, even if listening to it can save your life.

And they have to flash a smile once in a while to pretend they are enjoying it, even if no one is even paying attention to them.


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So you can’t blame airliners for coming up with novel ways to get the attention of passengers πŸ˜› Check this one out by the now certified viral video of dancing flight attendants of Cebu Pacific:

Whether it was effective or not, that’s the opinion now of those who saw it first hand πŸ˜› Some say it was a gimmik since this happened just a few months before they made their corporate stock public in the Philippine Stock Exchange


Apparently, they are not the only ones with trcks. Philippine Airlines has a very cute and almost Disney-like in flight safety video that can be appreciated by all Β ages πŸ™‚ Although I really do think that the old man looked waaaaaay too happy to see that oxygen mask pop out at about 2:12 into the video πŸ˜›



Oh, and they are not limited to the Philippines, too. Apologies in advance if you find the next video revolting πŸ˜›



And just recently, Virgin America releases what might probably be the most popular in-flight safety video as of this writing:


Enjoy your next flight πŸ™‚ And hope you get a greater appreciation of the men and women of the airline industry who work so hard just to grab your attention πŸ˜›

So what do you think πŸ™‚ ? Let us know in the Facebook comments below πŸ™‚


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