Does Motolite’s 24/7 Battery Delivery Really Deliver?

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Motolite 24-7 Battery Delivery has been advertised quite heavily over the past few years as providing reliable battery delivery anytime of the day, and with credit card payment, too! But not a lot of us gets stuck at 1:30 in the morning in some place all alone with no one to jump start the car.

En Route, however, does 😛

And even with a call from a reliable family member, sometimes the vehicle’s battery is so drained that it cannot be jumpstarted by another car. No push start, no jump start. Pretty much no luck.

With brains liquified like Jamba Juice after a night of Filipino Fusion, white wine and a 4-pax margarita bowl consumed by just 2 people (It totally rocked. Find this margarita bowl in Pino.), it was lucky that even the thought of calling Motolite 24-7 Battery Delivery came.


So with a quick Google search, got the number and gave them a call. And yes. they answered at this ungodly hour!



The procedure was quite simple. Just give the car make, your location, and they will give an estimated time of arrival. They apparently were coming from the Manila area so expected time was 45 minutes. They even gave the number of the delivery guy so that you can coordinate with him directly (in case he gets lost or is not familiar with the place).

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Less than 45 minutes, some guy looking decently rested but eager for a pancake breakfast shows up with a cheery smile and a determined attitude.

It’s quite thoughtful of them to first plug in a small service battery to the car to prevent the electronics from resetting (so your radio stations presets and other stuff stored in memory remain). Then, with just a few twists and pulls, he has the battery replaced in less time than he got there.

It was heaven sent. And heaven sent also for Credit Card payment ! Also, trade-in you used battery to get a price discount


Couldn’t have been more thankful for this service. Now, it goes without saying that there is a certain premium on the battery purchased through this (From estimates an extra PHP 600.00) but the peace of mind and the promptness of service is well worth the payment. And yes the battery comes with a warranty card, too.

Give them a call whenever you need a battery replacement in these sticky situations.

Motolite Battery 24-7 Express Delivery Philippines DSC_7183

Motolite Battery 24-7 Express Delivery is available in key cities in the Philippines.

Tel. Nos. +632-370-6686. For more information, visit their website at

Had your own car trouble adventures? Have you tried Motolite Battery 24-7 Express Delivery? Shoot us some comments below 🙂

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  1. michy says:

    Thank goodness for deliveries! 🙂

  2. […] To read about that drained car battery, click to open a new window […]

  3. Ashley says:

    ha! i just called them today at 4AM and they told me that they can only deliver the battery at 8AM. 24 hour service my ass.

  4. Morgan says:

    Utterly useless calling their 24/7 hotline, they sent us to 5 outlets at 10pm at night telling us each place had our group 65 battery in stock, they could not deliver as they were too busy despite their promise on their website, well no place had stock, when we called them again at midnight they said “that’s why we could not deliver not coz we were busy but as no outlet has stock in makati…..” So why send us all over makati telling us there is stock….? Damn liars and the worst service ever….

  5. Matt says:

    Do you know their hotline numbers for Cebu City?

  6. percy says:

    I would like to buy batery foe me car.revo 1999.can you make foe me now? I want to be deliver it in our place.

    • rftreyes says:

      Hi. We re not the official website nor representative of Motolite. It would be best to give them a phone call on the number stated in the blog. Thanks.

  7. jessiel says:

    do you have the tel iloilo branch? thanks

  8. Ram says:

    Thank goodness for Motolite 24-7 Express Delivery Service! Have always proven your reliability…. rang at 12:38 a.m. after 12 mins I was advised delivery is on the way! And at 1:21 am delivery got in the location! Dexter of Las Pinas branch was of great help! keep it up Motolite! more power!!

  9. Magkano yong Battery na hindi maintensnce free 2 sm please contact me right now 09183390049

  10. Judith Ponla says:

    Motolite is not 24/ 7. Just called up their Hotline but the lady on the other line says in Cebu deliveries not available on weekends. Huh? Quite frustrated.

  11. Jonah says:

    All Batteries in Cebu City does not cater Motolite batteries.they only sell imported ones and not the local batteries.

  12. Aleihs says:

    I called Motolite hotline just now… frustrating
    I think what’s 24/7 is their call center and not the service itself or probably it depends on the location.
    They can only deliver the battery in valenzuela area around 8:30am! It’s as good as waiting for a Motolite shop to open!

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