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Dumaguete is known as the City of Gentle people.

While there were not much interactions with the locals in this overnight trip, it really is a place that is friendly to both locals and visitors 🙂

One thing interesting is that it has a J.P. rizal St. like all other towns, but these are just one of the few towns where the Filipino hero Jose Rizal really stepped foot and was also allured by its charm.

En Route Signs and Sightings - Dumaguete-7991


It is a coastal town with much of its industry in the fishing, shipping, logistics and tourism. Both locals and visitors, alike normally hang out at the baywalk area as the sun sets.

But the sun sets at the other end of the island, though. You will see the sunrise more here 🙂

En Route Signs and Sightings - Dumaguete-7988En Route Signs and Sightings - Dumaguete-7987En Route Signs and Sightings - Dumaguete-7990


During low tide, the locals seem to be gathering small crabs and other shellfish by the bay for food.

En Route Signs and Sightings - Dumaguete-7995


In this same coast, a sunken ship carrying beer has become a tourist attraction. It was damaged by typhoon Sendong. Of course, they had to save the most important thing: the cargo 😛

Some may wonder if the cargo would have been saved if it carried something else other than beer 😛

En Route Signs and Sightings - Dumaguete-8004

Aside from miniaturized jeepneys, the primary mode of transporation for people here are tricycles and motorcycles, like much of the towns in the Philippines.

En Route Signs and Sightings - Dumaguete-7950

En Route Signs and Sightings - Dumaguete-8006


But the Calesas are still ever present, too 🙂

En Route Signs and Sightings - Dumaguete-7985


And so are vintage looking police details

En Route Signs and Sightings - Dumaguete-8000

Picture processed for that “nostalgic” feel 😛


Speaking of vintage, there are quite a few of these around, too!

En Route Signs and Sightings - Dumaguete-8034


Probably it comes with having both the mix of the old and new, with their markets and church bell towers mingling with malls and fastfood chains.

En Route Signs and Sightings - Dumaguete-8064En Route Signs and Sightings - Dumaguete-8100

En Route Signs and Sightings - Dumaguete-8098En Route Signs and Sightings - Dumaguete-8101

En Route Signs and Sightings - Dumaguete-8008

En Route Signs and Sightings - Dumaguete-8038

There is a night life, normally in the Rizal Boulevard area facing the shore line. Food stalls selling a local street food called “tempura” are lined up by the baywalk area.

After talking to a friend who has roots in this town, he mentioned that they are strict that no alcoholic beverages are served in the baywalk area. It’s to maintain orderliness and make it a more family oriented place.

One thing interesting though is that at night, the streets get lined up with shoes for sale in some of the main streets, particularly near the cathedral.

Speaking of which, the cathedral fronting the town plaza is quite a sight to behold, with the stone statues and rustic presence, especially at night.


En Route Signs and Sightings - Dumaguete-8012

En Route Signs and Sightings - Dumaguete-8035En Route Signs and Sightings - Dumaguete-8013En Route Signs and Sightings - Dumaguete-7999


Dumaguete is quite ahead compared to other towns, yet still has a laid back atmosphere with rooted heritage that the locals will not just easily let go. It still is a town of simple joys…

En Route Signs and Sightings - Dumaguete-8055


…. and dealing with its own plight at the same time.

En Route Signs and Sightings - Dumaguete-8051


En Route Signs and Sightings - Dumaguete-8044Drink it in any way you want. Dumaguete is a great laid back city that has won the hearts of many a traveler from both in and out of the Philippines.


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