Rainy Day Comfort Food

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As of 4:37 pm of August 7, 2012, the amount of rainfall that has poured over the Philippines was much more than the devastating typhoon “Ondoy” of 2009 (and that’s saying a lot since that storm submerged over half of Metro Manila). Hoping that the recent government information programs such as the MMDA Traffic Navigator, and most recently launched DOST Project NOAH have helped in giving sufficient information to either stay clear of roads or move to higher ground.

Such weather can bring a gloomy attitude. But the Filipino spirit has proven hard to extinguish no matter how torrential the rain is. Sometimes, all that is needed is a simple warm, steamy comfort food made either at home, or from some of the shops that offer them.

Here are just a few, En Route to brighter days ahead!


From the En Route Facebook page:


Taho from a brave street vendor

The story of this bowl is inspiring. A “taho” vendor braves the rain to sell his wares, to feed his family. God bless his soul.



More from the En Route Facebook page:

Melted some “tsokolate”, placed a pinch of rock salt, and sugar. Paired it with suman pinipig

Hot "Tsokolate" paired with suman pinipig




Gram’s Diner’s “World Famous” Beef Tapa:



Hot noodles from Ying-Ying Tea House:



American inspired, fused with Filipino flavors: Hyphy’s Bolognese Ala Cubana:



And again from the En Route Facebook Page:

Melted too much “tsokolate”, so time to make “Champorado”




It may not be Christmas, but hot Puto Bumbong with some melted butter on top is just good at any time of the year



If there is Tapa, there better be Tocino. This one is from Pancake House



From Binondo Food Trips:

Maki-mi from Ongpin Manosa, one of the oldest restaurants in Manila



A Veneto’s Baked Ziti is warm, meaty, and has huge servings!



Reminiscent of En Route’s Dumaguete trip:

Bud-bod Kabog, and then paired with more hot “tsokolate” !


Recent discovery thanks to our friends from talesfromthetummy.com:

Homemade Treasures Cheese Rolls! (Look at that slab of delicious cheese!)

Homemade Treasures Cheese Rolls


Irish Macaroni With Three Cheese and Stout:

How can comfort food be discussed without oozing, creamy, warm and fuzzy, baked macaroni? And looky here, a recipe that involves Guinness and delicious chunks of corned beef!



We are converts, as we are beginning to understand why this creamy bowl of hot broth is so popular in Manila even with the hot weather. And during rainy weather? They are an absolute necessity.

This particular delicious bowl of Shoyu Ramen is from Butamaru in Alabang.

More to be added.

Stay safe and dry, everyone!


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  1. I miss buying taho before I go to work 🙁

  2. Raymund says:

    Now I miss the rice cakes! that suman and pinipig are my faves, as well as the tupig

    • rftreyes says:

      I, too, am a fan of kakanin! Puto bumbong and sapin-sapin rank at the top. And it is always good with some coffee or hot chocolate.

  3. […] timely that this is coming out this time of the rainy season. Should be part of your rainy day comfort food essentials. Imagine this with a nice cup of hot chocolate where you can dip that delicious ensaymada or cheese […]

  4. […] First impressions when seeing a tray of Baked Macaroni with Cheese is tasty comfort food. Maybe good for those rainy days. […]

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