Malka Vacanze: Our Bed & Breakfast in Rome

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If there was one clear thing about our strategy for our Euro-trip, it was to save on the accommodations, and just spend the money trying different kinds of food. Sounds good, yeah?  It tasted a lot better too.

Malka Vacanze Bed & Breakfast Rome Italy-6

So naturally, when we were booking our hotels online, price was the primary filter.  Wifi was next.  You’ll need it for any online bookings you might suddenly have to make for flights, trains, extra accommodation (or even those Facebook posts and check-ins if you’re into that).  And we always check if it has a private bathroom.

Somehow, we stumbled upon a gem of a find called: Malka Vacanze, Bed & Breakfast in Rome.

I’ve always been fascinated with a bed & breakfast. If I could name my dream business, it would be running one.  Just think about it, you meet different people, you have a nice and cozy place to keep, everything has your personal touch, and you contribute to different people’s travels.

When you stay in one, it’s like you live like a local more.  I mean, it’s serviced and there’s breakfast, but you get your own keys to the building, your own key to the apartment, and another key for your room.  I know it’s a lot of keys but the idea is you just walk off the street, enter into your building, and just really FEEL that for a few days, you live there.

Malka Vacanze Bed & Breakfast Rome Italy-2

Malka Vacanze was perfect!  It was all pink, I felt like I was walking into a doll house.  I think it was love at first sight for me.  I just found it the most charming apartment ever.  Our room was all pastels and florals.  It had a big window that had a small terrace with little potted plants decorating it, overlooking Porta Fabbrica.  It was like a reading nook I’d always imagine my own house having someday.  While I don’t think Ray shares my gushing over the pinks and florals, he did like the sort-of country charm and warmth of the place.

Malka Vacanze Bed & Breakfast Rome Italy-4

Malka Vacanze Bed & Breakfast Rome Italy-10 Malka Vacanze Bed & Breakfast Rome Italy-16

Our hostess, Signora Roberta, was equally warm and welcoming. We only had a few minutes on the first night and a few minutes over coffee, croissants, toast, and jam in the mornings to just chat and get to know a bit about each other.  She was always helpful and gave us tips in terms of where we could go exploring.  She speaks English so communicating wasn’t a problem also.

Malka Vacanze Bed & Breakfast Rome Italy-14

Malka Vacanze Bed & Breakfast Rome Italy-5 Malka Vacanze Bed & Breakfast Rome Italy-11

Malka Vacanze used to be her home.  When she moved to a different house four years ago, she had the whole place renovated and converted to a B&B.  According to her, it was her dream come true.  You see it.  You see the personal touch and the care that is given to the whole place.  And since it really felt like home, we did our part and looked after it also.

Malka Vacanze Bed & Breakfast Rome Italy-8 Malka Vacanze Bed & Breakfast Rome Italy-3

It’s location is about five minutes to the train station and three to five minutes to the Vatican.  Walk around the corner and you get a magnificent view of the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica.  Being so near the Vatican, you also have a lot of restaurants to choose from.

If we find ourselves in Rome again someday, I would love to be able to call Malka Vacanze home again.  At least for a few days.

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Malka Vacanze Bed & Breakfast Rome Italy-1Malka Vacanze B&B is located at Via di Porta Fabbrica, 3 – 00165 Roma

Tel.: (+39) 328 26 34 640 – 06 622 90 960

Fax: 06 393 80 322

E-mail: [email protected]


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  1. It looks like a doll house! 🙂

    • lynne says:

      It really does! I wanted to look at the other rooms but they were locked since we were the only customers for the first 2 nights.

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