Why Scotch Rocks Rock

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Whisky is without a doubt one of the world’s most favorite drinks. Some people like it neat (try a Laphroaig neat like this one in Dillingers to see just how peaty a whisky can get), some people like it mixed, some people are purists that each whisky has its own ritual like so:

(Disclaimer: We do not endorse this method. It’s just one of the many ways you can drink your whisky. He just has the most showmanship for posting purposes.)

And a lot more like it “on the rocks”.

Here’s taking that phrase to a more literal level:

Scotch Rocks.

Scotch Rocks-7520

Scotch Rocks-7518The Scotch Rocks Objective: To chill your scotch without diluting it with too much ice that melts and takes away a lot of the character.

This was given as a gift. These Scotch Rocks are made from natural non-porous soapstones. They are not supposed to alter the taste, and won’t scratch your glass. It comes with a muslin bag and a couple of glencairn glasses, that allows you to appreciate the scent of the whisky by “nosing” it. It also is the most effective way to keep those scotch rocks from sliding to your teeth.

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The recommended dose by the seller is three stones on the glass.

Scotch Rocks-7527


Granted, you do not need frozen stones to chill your whiskey and can just reach for a couple of ice cubes, you can admit that having these on your glencairn glass looks cool. And it does cool it as well. Personal recommended dose: 3 rocks to the glencairn glass, 5 rocks to a normal rocks glass.


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