The Recovery Food For Fitness Buffs And Drunken Night Outs

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A few research on Recovery Food, and some reviews showed that it is comfort food from the same people that brought Mamou, serving nutrient packed food to cater to runners and health conscious fitness nuts that need that extra oomph to fuel their runs and sports activities. And that is why it is open 24/7 for those who wake up early for their jogs.

But it apparently gets a good market also from the party goers up too late for anyone’s own good, needing that greasy fix for their drunk 4:00am ass.

And that would be us.

Recovery Food Fort Bonifacio Philippines - DSC_0200

5:30am, three bottles of liquor and a champagne sparkler later with friends and family inspecting with much revelry the “Bar” side of URBN Bar and Kitchen, willing to wait out the long lines of fellow boozed out bozos. If people are willing to line up here instead of going to the other 24/7 restaurants beside it, this must be some good stuff.

Recovery Food 3 Grid Picture

Oh look, and a fight almost broke out for no apparent reason! Looks like the alcohol hasn’t subsided, or it’s the lack of sleep already manifesting as hormonal imbalance. Strangely, the people here know all to well what to do and got the two parties subsided.

Ok back to some grub:

Recovery Food 4 Grid Picture

The Tapa de Morning (Half Recovery, PHP 180.00) seems to be the more popular among the other wares. The tapa recipe for this is leaned towards the sweet-buttery flavor, complemented by a well fried over-easy egg and brown rice (gotta be healthy after a bout with bottles of Captain Morgan). At this time of the morning, even one serving can be very filling. At a different time, the size is just perfect.

Other things to get? Check out the Happy Beef Rice (Half Recovery PHP 160.00) with a sweet, oriental style braised beef and chopped spring onions and some Barcia’s Strips (thin strips of fried pork. PHP 125.00) on the side.

So whether you are coming from a 42k run or a 16 shot drink-a-thon, there is appropriate sustenance for you in Recovery Food.


Recovery Food is located at  the ground floor of the Crossroads Complex, 32nd St cor 8th Ave., Fort Bonifacio, Philippines

Tel. Nos. +632-511-7312

Check out their Facebook Page at


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