Dear McDonald’s: Please Make A Sausage Bacon McMuffin

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Before everything else, credit where credit is due:

This is an idea brought about by our good friends at The Pickiest Eater.

McDonald's Philippines Please Make Sausage Bacon McMuffin-9891

Dear McDonald’s Philippines:

We have discussed with our friends that the most logical product enhancement would be to add BACON to your breakfast muffins. I mean, if you did it to your burgers, surely it makes sense that it should be placed in your McMuffins.

You started before when you started using English muffins. That was a good start. Now, it is time to innovate once again…

… before someone else does it first and you regret it for the rest of your lives.

Look at what we did over the weekend:

McDonald's Philippines Please Make Sausage Bacon McMuffin

Imagine how two pieces of BACON changed everything we all knew forever.

Add egg? Sure. It’s like your total daily calorie intake for one day on your first meal. Fast food efficiency at its finest.

Now, we are not certain how people will react to this, but we have a big hunch that they are going to be happy. I mean, your behemoth of a corporation gave the Dutch a McKroket, surely two pieces of bacon won’t be much to ask. We would gladly pay for the additional cost.

Remember our friend who gave the idea above? Yes. He will forever praise you for your advocacy towards BACON. So will our friends who are at our BlogRoll list. They can reach hundreds of thousands of people within one week, helping this petition to begin making the SAUSAGE BACON MCMUFFIN a staple in your breakfast menu. (Speaking of which: Guys, help make this a reality! You know who you are)

Imagine hundreds and thousands of that translating to sales in one week? How about a month? Or a year?



For those reading this, let McDonald’s know we are ready for bacon in our McMuffins. Some friends in Singapore said it is optional there, but let’s make it a mandatory here.

Please. We beg of you.

Do it for the better good. Do it for BACON.

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