Gefseis Greek Grill San Juan La Union Philippines

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More great food joints opening up in the surf spots in San Juan, La Union!

It’s been a long time since the last visit here, and so many things have sprouted thanks to the popularity of the place… and not just to the local tourism market.

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A Greek man decided to settle down here and shared the flavors of his home-land, and Gefseis Greek Grill was born. Like most house-converted restaurants (Johanna’s Grille, anyone?), this one just used whatever available resources were at the place.

It adds to the simplicity and charm, as well as staying true to the easy-going vibe of the place. No pretensions, no fancy distractions. Just you, and the food.

Gefseis Greek Grill San Juan La Union Philippines-1042 Gefseis Greek Grill San Juan La Union Philippines-1040

Gefseis Greek Grill San Juan La Union Philippines-1047

Gefseis Greek Grill San Juan La Union Philippines-1041The great appetizers here are the Saganaki (Greek Fried Cheese) and the greek wraps. Pick from either chicken, beef, or lamb. It will have freshly chopped onions, tomatoes, and parsley, with a few strings of French fries in a pita wrap.

Mind you, the food is relatively expensive compared to the other fares nearby. Like in Midway Grill, baby back ribs can cost around PHP 250.00 . Here, a porkchop meal with vegetables and rice costs around PHP 300.00. This may be attributed to the ingredients and spices used. It’s not just regular salt and pepper.

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But the droves of people that keep on coming to this place validates that what they are doing is done right, and you will not find any tasty Greek fare anywhere near this area for miles. Thank God they are just right across the surf spot for that easy Greek fix. Gerfeis definitely is a welcome selection in this Philippine surf spot.

Gefseis Greek Grill San Juan La Union Philippines-1036Gefseis Greek Grill is located along the National Highway, Barangay Urbiztondo, San Juan La Union, Philippines

Tel. Nos. +6372-603-0183,  Mobile no. +63921-604-9989

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