Manang’s Crunchtastic Fried Chicken

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Newest Manang's Chicken Flavor 2016-6928-Manang's New Crunchtastic Chicken
When it comes to fried chicken, crunch factor is a big thing.  Manang’s Chicken, one of the runaway hits from the beginnings of Mercato Centrale, now offers you their Crunchtastic Fried Chicken.
Newest Manang's Chicken Flavor 2016-6941-Manang's New Crunchtastic Chicken
They’ve taken their soy garlic chicken and taken the crunch up a notch.  This is done using Manang’s unique 10-spice blend seasoning before it is deep fried to amazingly crisp levels.  You get to enjoy a tender and juicy chicken with each bite, especially when it’s coated with their gravy.  Yum!
Newest Manang's Chicken Flavor 2016-6943-Manang's New Crunchtastic Chicken
Try it out now!  Many thanks again to our friends from Manang’s Chicken.
Check out Manang’s Chicken’s website and on Facebook.  Follow them on Twitter and Instagram (@ManangsChicken).  They also deliver so you can enjoy it wherever and whenever you want!  All branches deliver except their Recto branch.  Just dial +63 2 661-1111.

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