Applebees: The Reason to Celebrate Everything

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First job. A promotion. Saved up for those new sneaks. Finally took over that Pokemon Gym.

Even the most mundane of accomplishments can be enough reason to celebrate. It’s all about the attitude of accomplishment and the elation it gives.

Applebee’s understands that, and that’s why they make sure you relish these fleeting moments with food and drinks. But most of all, with the memorable company that tags along with your daily victories.

Applebee's in the Philippines-7695

You can start it off with some of their appetizer combination platters. There are quite a few, such as this one that had cheese quesadillas, green bean crispers (this one is surprisingly good), and wonton tacos.

If you’re all by yourself and you just want to savor that little victory with a hearty meal, there’s something unique in their menu:

Quesadilla Burger:

Applebee's in the Philippines-7711

No beating around the bush. It’s a quesadilla with a 1/3 lbs. burger patty lodged in between it. So you get the zesty-cheesy quesadilla taste with the meaty, beefy flavor of a good ol’ burger. Comes with fries, too!

And a best seller should never be ignored:

Applebee's in the Philippines-7702

Applebee’s wet rub baby back ribs. Using a wet rub locks in the juiciness without compromise to flavor. It gives off a decent crusting, too! Arguably one of the best value-for-money ribs in the metro.

So go ahead and celebrate those new pair of glasses, or your steady relationship, or even that math test that you barely clung on to pass. Whatever the reason, the place should be Applebee’s

Learn more about Applebee’s Philippines here:

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