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En Route Whale Shark Butanding Tuki Watching Oslob Cebu Philippines Cover

    One of the activities you can do if you are having a nice relaxing stay in Bluewater Sumilon Island would be to go on an early morning boat trip to the nearby town of Oslob, Cebu, and watch the baby whale sharks as they come so close you can almost touch them. In […]

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Bud-Bod and Puto Maya of Dumaguete Philippines Cover

One thing that some sites said was worth trying in Dumaguete was the native delicacy Bud-bod. Specifically, Bud-bod Kabog. Bud-bod is basically sticky rice wrapped in banana leaf, similar to suman. Bud-bod kabog, however, is different in that it is made from millet (that’s the kabog). Millet is a grain that is normally used in […]

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En Route Ocho Seafood and Grill Sen Enage Street Tacloban City Leyte Philippines Cover

En route to Calicoan Surf camp, there was a demand for some fresh seafood from the hungry people in the group. Upon hearing this, the freindly resort driver mentioned that there is a popular seafood grill in Tacloban City. It was a good decision to get some nourishment given the three hour drive to Calicoan […]

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En Route Moron and Binakol of Leyte Philippines Cover

After sorting through the rips of waves in Calicoan Surf Camp and charmed by the simple life of its host town, Guiuan, it’s back to Tacloban to hitch on the plane back to busy Manila. With only a few hours to spare, little token treats, or pasalubongs, was mandatory for Filipino culture. A fellow food […]

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En Route Town of Guian Samar Philippines Cover

  As mentioned in the Calicoan Surf Camp post, there are other things to be done around the area if you are not the intrepid surfer. With just minutes of driving, you can head to the town that hosts the resort: Guiuan of Eastern Samar. Coming from Leyte, from the moment you pass the San […]

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En Route The Surf Camp Calico-an Island Samar Philippines Cover

With the Philippines being an archipelago nation, it is gifted with beautiful beaches from all edges of its islands. Some are for relaxing, some are for picturesque nature trips, and others are for the thrill of surfing (Check this tag for the ever growing surf spots visited). Such is the case the town of Guiuan […]

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