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Earth Kitchen Restaurant Katipunan White Plains Quezon City Philippines-7905

This has got to be one of the more pleasant finds form the past few weeks. Seeing Earth Kitchen in the White Plains area of Katipunan, you will think that it is a haven for the green loving, meat-repulsive friends of the community that normally go by the name of vegans. I mean, lookat it […]

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Kasbah Moroccan Restaurant Fort Bonifacio Philippines-6622

AS OF JANUARY 2014, IT WAS DISCOVERED THAT THIS PLACE HAS CLOSED When you mention Morocco, you get a lot of different (and sometimes quite confused) impressions of this land that is still mysterious to most of the Filipino population. Some say it is a Middle-east country (like Lebanese cuisine). Others say it is more […]

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En Route Uncle Moe's Shawarma Hub Persian Food Restaurant Philippines Cover

Yes. Why would anyone go eat at Uncle Moe’s? Why would anyone want to be in a spartan concrete room adorned with heavy stroke paintings, walls echoing an eclectic mix of Sade’s Smooth Operator, TLC’s Creep, All Saint’s version of Under the Bridge, and then switches to “Homebase” from Cafe Del Mar’s 6th album? Here, […]

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En Route Ocho Seafood and Grill Sen Enage Street Tacloban City Leyte Philippines Cover

En route to Calicoan Surf camp, there was a demand for some fresh seafood from the hungry people in the group. Upon hearing this, the freindly resort driver mentioned that there is a popular seafood grill in Tacloban City. It was a good decision to get some nourishment given the three hour drive to Calicoan […]

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The Kebab Factory Burgos Circle Fort Bonifacio Taguig Philippines, Kebab Factory, Kebab, Burgos Circle Restaurants, Fort Bonifacio Restaurants

You say kabob, I say kebab.  (To-mah-to, to-may-to.)  Better yet, we collectively call anything skewered as barbecue.  More commonly spelled as BBQ. Thanks to our friends at Myfoodtrip, we were able to try out Kebab Factory in the Burgos Circle of Fort Bonifacio and add to our list of Indian-Persian restaurants.  It was one of […]

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En Route The How to of Shish Kebab Cover

There apparently is a taste for the Middle Eastern Cuisine in the Philippines, and it all comes in variations that suit the Filipino taste buds. And while some of the entrees take some experience and special equipment to prepare, the classic shish kebab (or kabob. Spelling differs for every person) is one of the easiest […]

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En Route Gilak By Hossein Greenbelt Makati City Cover

  When the Greenbelt complex was built, it set the standards for aspirations of the Metro Manila folk when it comes to having a good night out in town. Bars, restaurants and movie theaters here are always a pleasure to visit and patronize. And it continues to do so until this day. So one night […]

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