Dining Options at the Marriott Grand Ballroom

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Walking the seemingly endless hallways of the Marriott Grand Ballroom can surely drive anyone to thirst and hunger.  Have no fear.  Like everything else, the Marriott team has thought ahead and provided all of us with three options.

All found on the ground level, you can choose between Allegro, Mian, and Crema.

The Marriott Manila Grand Ballroom-1966



The Marriott Manila Grand Ballroom-2002


The term brings back memories from my piano lesson days. A music term that pertains to a brisk tempo, the food establishment counterpart now gives us a grab-and-go place.  If you’re familiar with the Pret a Manger places that are scattered across London, it’s very similar to that.  Ready meals of sandwiches, desserts, and salads line the walls and lead you straight to the counter.  They do still offer a limited menu of other bites and drinks to choose from.  Walk a bit further and you will find a wall of wine chillers too.  Imagine our delight at that.





The Marriott Manila Grand Ballroom-3231 The Marriott Manila Grand Ballroom-3232


The Marriott Manila Grand Ballroom-3236


An open kitchen brings to life the modern Asian noodle bar that is Mian.  Comforting bowls of rice, soup, or noodles can be found here.  They also make amazing pork dumplings.

The Marriott Manila Grand Ballroom-3238 The Marriott Manila Grand Ballroom-3240


The Marriott Manila Grand Ballroom-3251Crema offers gourmet options for the discerning coffee connoisseur.  Delectable pastries are also on display to pair up perfectly with your brew or your Felchin’s hot chocolate perhaps.  If you want a cold treat, they also have frozen yogurt. Feel free to choose your toppings from a LOT of options.


The Marriott Manila Grand Ballroom-3262 The Marriott Manila Grand Ballroom-3260

The Marriott Manila Grand Ballroom-3264 The Marriott Manila Grand Ballroom-3258 The Marriott Manila Grand Ballroom-3257

So whether you’re an early bird for a wedding reception and you need a bite to bridge you over to dinner, or you attended an exhibit that left you famished and tired from all the walking, your feet and your tummy are in a good place.


Which one’s your favorite? Share it with us!

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