Londres of Bauan, Batangas – Sugary Sweet!

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En Route Londres of Bauan Batangas

The town of Bauan, Batangas really has this strange fondness for tucking their desserts in brown unsuspecting boxes.

Up on the plate now is this unique, soft, crumbly and sugar overloaded bread called Londres. In a previous post, I mentioned that Ka-Idro makes some quality bread, and this includes Londres.

En Route Londres of Bauan Batangas

This one, however, comes from Yan’s-Yan’s Food Shop near the Bauan Public Market that specializes in it and apparently ships these calorific wonders out of the Philippines, reaching places like Cincinnati and Minnesota (I’ll research on this American demand further).

Opening the not-so-exciting box reveals rows and rows of yellowish-white bread covered in some red-colored frosted sugar, giving it a thin hardened sugary shell.

I have asked on how this is really made but they claim it to be a trade secret, so here’s my take on how it’s made:

  • It starts out as a tiny loaf, like some sort of sliced bread but smaller and with more sugar
  • It’s baked twice and sliced (somewhat like a sweet biscotti),
  • It’s glazed in white sugar
  • Then it’s glazed with more sugar in red- food coloring along the edges.
  • The breads are then sprinkled with white sugar
  • It goes in your mouth and drives your insulin levels to medically dangerous heights

En Route Londres of Bauan Batangas
A box costs around PHP 200.00 as of this writing. Feeds about 10 people or 1 priest. Not bad if you want to wreak havoc in someone’s diet, and still be thanked for it. The devilish part is that you can’t have just one piece, as each bite crumbles and dissolves so fast in your mouth it gives this yearning to want more just to figure out what it really tastes like. The mind-numbing deception of it all is that it only tastes one thing: like a spoonful of sugar. I know a priest who got it as a gift and finished a whole box in one sitting! Not really timely saying this during the Lenten season, but I bet the experience was religiously uplifting for him :P.

So what goes well with this? What else can go well with anything from Batangas? Kapeng Barako 😀 !

En Route Londres of Bauan BatangasEn Route Londres of Bauan Batangas

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  1. looks yummy, perfect with coffee 😀

  2. susan says:

    do you have any idea where we can buy this in manila?

    please get in touch with me at 09239850936 or 09173602492



    • lynne says:

      Hi Susan. Sorry, but we really just find this in Bauan, Batangas. I’m sure there are pianonos being sold in other bakeries in Manila but they will have different recipes. Even Fortune Bakeshop has their version of it. 🙂

      We’ll let them know that there are inquiries from Manila. Maybe they’ll look into selling here also.

  3. […] Londres of Bauan, Batangas – Sugary Sweet! […]

  4. Betz Gadja says:

    This now cost P100.00 per box
    we just bought a week ago

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