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Je rêve de voyager le monde (I dream of traveling the world.)

Bonjour! (Hello! Good day!)

The title of this entry translates to “I speak little French.”  As a means of encouraging myself to pursue my dreams of flying off to the city of lights, I have been trying to study French.  I’m taking up an extramural course from UP College of Arts and Letters (UP CAL) under the Department of European Languages.  So far, I’ve only learned the super basics.  Counting up to a hundred gave me a migraine!  My classes for French 2 just started 2 days ago and we’ve just reviewed what was covered in the previous course (which I took last year…). It’s fascinating how European languages really have masculine and feminine genders for their words.

I’m no expert but these are some of the common words and phrases I have learned so far.  And no, they don’t teach Jean-Paul Gaultier, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Yves Saint Lauren in school. Shame on them.

Je m’appelle (My name is) Lynne.

Je suis philippine (I am a filipina.)

J’ai vingt sept ans (I am 27 years old.)

J’ai (I have)

S’il vous plait (Please)

Merci (Thank you.)

Mes passions sont voyager et manger. (My passions are traveling and eating.)

à bientôt (See you soon)

Un (One)

Deux (Two)

Trois (Three)

Quatre (Four)

Cinq (Five)

Seis (Six)

Sept (Seven)

Huit (Eight)

Nuef (Nine)

Dix (Ten)

I can already count up to a hundred but that would be too long to post here.  And I can also sing the alphabet song in French! (Maybe in another entry…)  I’ll let you know what else I pick up as the course progresses. 🙂  Until then, au revoir (goodbye).

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