JJ’s Seafood Village

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JJ’s is like a complex near the Tagbilaran bay.  It offers accommodations, food, and venues for functions.

We were in search for something new to try during our stay in Tagbilaran and we stumbled upon this on the internet.  Fresh seafood?  Why not?

The smell of the sea as we drew nearer helped us confirm that the place must really offer fresh seafood.

The restaurant is called Mandarin Restaurant, offering of course, Chinese cuisine.

We wanted something light so despite the call for purely seafood, I got some chopsuey to go with some spicy, sizzling shrimp.

It might not be the best place in terms of ambience but we were happy with the shrimp (and yes, even the chopsuey).  And in terms of value for money, you won’t go wrong.  We ordered rice that’s worth P35, thinking it was just a cup.  They served us with a plate that had rice that was good for about 5 people.

It’s too bad they didn’t have any lapu-lapu fillet available when we were there.  That could have been interesting.

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