Interesting Signs and Sightings – Binondo

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Manila, specifically Binondo, just has this unique character to it. Β Here’s a glimpse of some things we saw on two occasions.

A dragon dance we chased down the street (was a gimmick of a political candidate)

Ooh, kisses and chocolate…medical supply??!?

A disabled ramp that’s a several inches high. A disabled mind constructed this.

Just “think safety”…in all aspects πŸ˜›

Sometimes you just have to be, erm, very explicit…I guess cats aren’t very big problems…

A lady with an upside-down umbrella…She could easily buy a cheap replacement in Juan Luna.

Who’s the white hero lifting the moon cake?

Terrible Recto traffic due to so many inconsiderate pedestrians and jeepney drivers.

Intertwined phone and electric lines…an accident waiting to happen

Filipino translations are very simple.

Ah yes, intellectual property rights, hello.

A tricycle driver pushing his transport over a small hill along Ongpin

Stay at your own risk.

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  1. Eeay says:

    This one’s really funny. :))

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