Marveling at the Sky – Fireworks Display!

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We are kids at heart.  We enjoy those truly carefree moments when all we do is stand there and marvel at something.

Kids say ‘wow’ a lot.  They say it with wide eyes as they take in what they see.  They say it over a serving of ice cream, their favorite meal, say fried chicken, or a neat magic trick.

So one evening, we decided to indulge the kid in us by buying tickets to The 3rd Philippine International Pyromusical Competition at the Mall of Asia.

The mall was packed!  (It somehow reminded us why we didn’t frequent the area especially on weekends.)  A lot of people were eagerly anticipating the show as they wait along the bay, feasting on hotdogs, pizza, and Magnum Ice Cream being hawked around the place.

The anticipation for the spectacle of lights began when the sun set.  While everyone watched the sunset, the kids were made to deal with their excitement in more ways than one.

Slowly, like the dimming of lights before the start of a movie, the sky finally darkened to provide the backdrop for the much-awaited fireworks show.  The Philippine International Pyromusical Competition seeks to showcase the Filipino talent in fireworks technology.  Ten participating countries were competing for this round: South Korea, Malta, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Australia, Spain, Canada, Finland, Italy, Portugal, the Philippines, and last year’s winner, China.

Canada won this bout and we were very lucky to be present when their group, Fireworks Spectacular, lit up the sky with their winning fireworks choreography.  Compared to the performance from Australia, it was obvious from just the first few seconds of Canada’s turn that they wanted to win this.  The sync of the bursts of color with the music was spot on.  The music provided the right drama and anticipation for the next formation or shape they’d display.  Watch the highlights video from the official site. Check out the photos we were able to catch as well.

Whenever the sky would get filled by giant bursts of color, you could easily hear the collective “Wow” from the audience.  It’s nice that just a couple of minutes can bring back our childlike wonder for the things around us.

Of course, the best fireworks shows we’ve witnessed will always be “Disney in the Sky” in Hong Kong Disneyland.  There’s nothing like singing along with your favorite Disney movie songs to bring back your childhood memories.  (Oh, and it was amidst A Whole New World that Ray popped the question so obviously, there’s bias on my part there. :P)

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  1. Karen says:

    how do you photograph fireworks? huhu. i love them. you pictures! i hope they don’t steal it like the liempo! i love you blog!

    • lynne says:

      I love fireworks also! 😀 Well, I was lucky enough to have a fireworks setting on my camera. But manually, it’s recommended to have a tripod or a steady base because you’ll want a longer shutter speed to capture the movement of the fireworks. 🙂

      Yeah, I hope they don’t end up stealing these also. Thanks for taking time to check out our blog!

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