Postcard: Hiding from the Singapore Torrential Rain

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Ah yes. The monsoon rains of Singapore. It’s a constant thing and locals are always equipped with umbrellas, but this new global warming thing has got the rains drop down like someone is pouring a big bucket of water down to earth, even flooding popular places like Orchard Road.

So to wait it out, it’s back to the hotel room in Studio M in Nanson Road. This is a pretty good loft style hotel! Bed by the window, office space with a couch that turns into a bed. Complimentary WiFi and Anthony Bourdain’s “The Layover” blurting by the TV plus complimentary coffee and tea. This is not a bad place to be stuck in.

And about the rain and TV: As Singapore is run like a well oiled military base less the weapons of mass destruction, you get advisories from the Singapore Civil Defense going through the TV stating rainfall warnings and advising people not to be too concerned.

It may be too much for some, but this total care for the citizens is what makes this place really great. You can walk in an alley past midnight and not feel any threat at all.

Gotta love Singapore.

Whenever I go somewhere, I am the incessant sloth. I like lounging around, testing the comfort of every bed and chair available, and finding that perfect spot to read. Candy Crush and Facebook have already invaded this moment too.

Given the monsoon season, Singapore is not an exception. Just recently, they’ve been having some unexpected flooding already. So while it was gloomy and we could see pelting rain from our hotel window, I explored the loft area of our room. I folded out the sofa bed and had my place, still with perfect view of the TV below.

Wifi has long since been anyone’s main requirement for accommodations, replacing even a free breakfast. It’s worth noting though, that Singapore’s data is fantastic. I wish we could upgrade ours at home too.

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