Hibok-hibok from Cainta and Taytay Rizal

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Hibok-hibok from Cainta and Taytay Rizal-0839

It’s been quite some time since a Philippine native dessert delicacy was featured here. But since there was an opportunity to purchase a PHP 600.00 bilao worth of this chewy, gooey, coconut-flavored calorie mini-monsters, what better way than to share the goodness through pictures?

What you see here is what people in the Cainta and Taytay towns of the province of Rizal call Hibok-hibok. Like most Philippine native desserts, it is formed through pounded glutinous rice or some from of carbohydrate rich crop, much like the Moron and Binagol of Leyte and the Bud-bod Kabog of Dumaguete.




Hibok-hibok from Cainta and Taytay Rizal-0831

What makes Hibok-hibok interesting is that there is also ground red monggo beans inside! It actually seems to resemble the mochi dessert that is increasingly growing in popularity with Metro Manila foodies, thanks to sme popular brands like Dezato in Hemady New Manila, and the Mochiko brand of Mochi Ice CreamΒ that is becoming the current cult favorite.

Also, Hibok-hibok is covered with a thick layer of coconut cream, and then topped with toasted coconut milk crumbs, or what is more commonly known as latik.

Interestingly, after a few research, this kind of latik is more for the Luzon region of the Philippines. In the Visayas area, latik is known as a thick, syrupy liquid topped into native delicacies. But both are coconut based.

Hibok-hibok from Cainta and Taytay Rizal-0828

These are best enjoyed while it is still hot, although some prefer to have it lukewarm since the glutinous rice has a chewier consistency when it cools down.

From stories of those who lived in the area, these Hibok-hibok used to be in cube-like form and packaged individually. Probably through the years, a round shape and ordering it in bulk became the more popular variant to justify the cost in making these delicacies.

But if you know of any place that still makes them in individual wrappers, share it here for people to check out.

On a slight detour, this is not to be mistaken for the Mt. Hibok-hibok found in Camiguin. That’s a volcano, not a chewy treat.

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  1. I’m from Rizal, but I haven’t tried this. 😐 Where can I buy Hibok-hibok?

    • lynne says:

      Some say nga there’s something like it from Pampanga. I’ll find out the number of the person who makes it in Taytay. It was my tita who ordered it for us. πŸ™‚

  2. That looks really good! πŸ™‚

  3. moonstruck says:

    saan po kaya makakabili ng hibok-hibok?

  4. hi im sarah fr taytay rizal. i have a business
    special hibok hibok if ur interested order hibok hibok
    contact no 09277624493

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