The Tipsy Cook Makes Sea Bass with Vermouth Pepper Sauce

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Sea Bass Steak in Vermouth Pepper Sauce 2014-6

More stuff out of the Kitchen of Booze. And again, from a Gordon Ramsay recipe. If it is looking like we are becoming rabid huggers of his, well it is hard to look for a multi-Michelin star chef who makes enough simple-to-follow cookbooks and encourages people to try and tweak it to personal taste.

And it’s vermouth! Most people just know this as the stuff of Martinis and Vespers.

The original recipe calls for a fillet with skin so you get the nice, crispy crust, but a steak cut is fine. After all, it is sea bass.

Sea Bass Steak in Vermouth Pepper Sauce 2014-2Sea Bass in Vermouth Pepper Sauce:

Fillet of Sea Bass

Bell Pepper – 1 large red and 1 large yellow

3 Shallots or one red onion

2 Pieces Star Anise

1.5 Tablespoons White Wine Vinegar

3 Tablespoons Vermouth

Olive Oil

Fresh Thyme Sprig leaves

Salt and Pepper

Fresh Basil – 1 very large sprig, or two smaller ones







Sea Bass Steak in Vermouth Pepper Sauce 2014 Sea Bass Steak in Vermouth Pepper Sauce 2014-4


Heat up a pan before working on the other things

Julienne the Pepper and onion. Once that is done, Place it in the pan along with the star anise. Season with salt and pepper

When the peppers have softened up, add the vermouth and white wine vinegar. Stir again for a couple of minutes.

Turn off the heat and add the basil. Stir evenly.

Once the basil has softened from the remaining heat, place everything in a blender and blend

Tip: Hold the blender cover tightly with a cloth. Sometimes the heat from the cooked vegetables builds up and pops the cover, making a big mess everywhere.

On a clean hot pan, place olive oil and sear the seabass on both sides, until brown.

Pour some sauce on a plate, and carefully place sea bass on top. Finish off by drizzling a ring of olive oil on the sauce.

Sea Bass Steak in Vermouth Pepper Sauce 2014-3

In hindsight, should have blended the sauce more to a liquified state. The texture is better that way. The great thing about this is that the vermouth, when heated and the alcohol evaporates, the sweet grapey-like scent comes out and adds to the flavor of the whole sauce. And oh, don’t worry about those two pieces of star anise. They are strong enough to hold their own on the sauce.

More stuff soon!

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  1. Hershey says:

    This food screams out Ray’s love of alcohol hahahaha! very nice 🙂 vermouth is actually a good profile with sea bass 🙂

  2. Pantone000 says:

    Hi Ray. Pie crust you say? Get your vodka bottle ready. I’ve done pie crusts using America’s test kitchen vodka tip and it always turns out very good. Will try this recipe soon din. 😀

  3. Pantone000 says:

    I mean this sea bass recipe. 🙂

  4. Pantone000 says:

    Cook’s Illustrated pala. I always interchange America’s Test Kitchen and Cook’s Illustrated.

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