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Look at what came from the mail, courtesy of the great people from KTG!

(For those curious about who KTG is, they are the group of some of the most prominent food and travel Philippine journalists and bloggers, and what’s good about this group is that they support various social and charity institutions of society! We are talking of visiting Yolanda victims, to charity dinners to get wheelchairs, to ice bucket challenges to raise ALS awareness, and actually donate!

(Who are they? Check out the blog roll at the side bar of this site and visit their sites. Yes. It is a BIG group!)

Everyone in KTG was expecting the arrival of our baby, and as a welcome gift true to their form, a unique edible arrangement came in:

Fruits in Bloom Philippines-0187

This is from Fruits in Bloom Philippines. Their specialty is making bouquets from edible food, particularly fruits and chocolate. Just visit them and give specifications, and they do the rest.

This one is an elaborate arrangement of Granny Smith Apples covered in both milk and white chocolate, accentuated  by fresh strawberries. You can imagine how the dilemma of just oogling at it fighting with the temptation of picking it out for that fruity, refreshing hit.

Fruits in Bloom Philippines-0184

These would be a unique gift idea that is worth checking out.. This is a description of what Fruits in Bloom can do, but it is also a tribute to the great people that make KTG a happy family.

Fruits in Bloom Philippines-0183Fruits in Bloom is located in the following places as of this writing:

G/F Robinson’s Magnolia

Hemady Street, New Manila, Quezon City, Philippines

Tel. Nos. +63949-854-4145, +63933-348-2601

Check out their Facebook Page or their Website











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  1. Elaine says:

    Hi Lynne! They also have a branch near Rada Makati. That one is along Castro Street if I’m not mistaken. 🙂

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