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When you’re stuck in traffic for a good hour and a half, there is little else you can do.  A lot of us make use of the time to get additional sleep (c’mon, that’s an hour!).  There are those who are fortunate to have a travel buddy and they usually talk non-stop throughout the trip.  Sometimes, I like zone out with my iPod on.  And then, there are other times when I become intrigued by what people are listening to on the radio.

I consider myself fortunate whenever I hear Ted Failon on Korina Sanchez (lately it’s been Pinky Webb I think) on DZMM on.  I also tend to have a higher regard for the driver.

But when it’s not news on the radio, they’re most likely tuned into Love Radio, Yes FM, Energy FM, or 101.9 For Life.  At least these are the common ones I can remember.  (And as you can see, Magic 89.9 and RX 93.1 are not part of the commonly listened to stations.)  So between the hours of seven and ten in the morning, we have the morning drive time, which is considered prime time on radio given that you have a captured audience (i.e. “no choice” and when you’re just a passenger, you feel even more so).  So stations really capitalize on key personalities to build up at these time slots.

Back then I’d get really irritated by all the non-stop jabbering and laughing.  I was coming from a Chico and Delamar background so it was really jarring to listen to.  But surprisingly, there is wit in the exchange among the DJs, so sometimes I actually listen in. The entertaining ones are actually Love Radio’s “Tambalan ng Balasubas at Balahura,” Nicole Hyala and Chris Tsuper or Energy FM’s Mr. Fu.  Lately, I’m finding Mr. Fu more fun given his “taray” towards his texters who generally seem to have lost all sense of self-respect in matters of the heart.  And he tells them like it is.  If they are already nagpapakushunga (as he says), he gives them a long and witty and funny wake up call.

Nicole Hyala & Chris Tsuper/ Mr. Fu

It’s interesting how much radio programming has improved nowadays.  Although I honestly think a lot of copying of formats is going around but in the end, people will still gravitate towards the most unique and entertaining ones.  That’s why all these DJs are so important to the networks.  Some of them even host TV shows and events and record songs.  If you just spend thirty minutes listening to any of these shows, you’ll get a picture of who the general public really is.

And when you’ve gotten the chance to immerse yourself in “pop culture” let me know which one wins: “Tru-la-loo, walang halong eklavoo” or “May ganon?”

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    Meganon? Found your blog from LinkedIn. =P

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