Toy Story 3 – “As Long As We’re Together”

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Disney-Pixar does it again.  The magic of Toy Story touches both young and old.  In fact, the story gives off a certain maturity, almost as if you have grown old along with the characters which, come to think of it, we actually have.

Friendship takes the forefront as Andy, the owner of the toys, goes off to college, raising the question about what will happen to the toys now.  Who will play with them?  The group, led by Woody and Buzz, goes through different trials, encountering different toys along the way.  It teaches them the value of loyalty, working as a team, and looking out for each other.

As you go along, you not only appreciate the story, but you also see how the makers were able to bring out unique qualities of iconic toys such as Barbie and Ken.  Even the staple toy baby of a little girl played a part.

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Personally, I felt a pang of nostalgia when I saw Barbie wearing the clothes of one of my first dolls, the Diva and the Rockers Barbie.  And between Woody and Buzz, I still prefer Buzz.  The fact that he has a Spanish mode might even have driven him up a notch. 😀

It’s a movie for everyone above 7 (some scenes might be scary for really young children) and I always like watching animated films in 3D.  Maybe it could have used more of that.

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