The World Famous McKroket from McDonald’s in the Netherlands

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Not everyone knows this, but the Dutch were a mighty nation during the colonial period of the world. We are talking Spain, England, France kind of mighty. Heck, they even annexed Cape Town, some parts of Indonesia, and even the edge of the Americas. So you know they come from a proud race whose influence can probably still be felt until now by the presence of some of the largest corporations in the world. Case in point:

  • Royal Dutch Shell ( or simply called “Shell”)
  • KLM (probably the closest thing to Snoop Dogg’s “Soul Plane”)
  • and of course, Heineken (Their commercials show just how much fun it is to be born a Dutch)

Now the Dutch, particularly Amsterdam, are known for the recreational use of marijuana and legalized prostitution where the average joe schmoe can pretty much live off his fantasies through a hooker at market competitive prices. It all just seems counter-intuitive, and definitely something that not all parents will approve.

If these seem to turn some people off, just consider the fact that the Netherlands is the 8th happiest country to live in as of 2012. They must be doing something right.

Here’s another one that they probably did right:

And while the subversive type of traveler will probably not travel 7,000 miles just to eat at a McDonald’s, the persuasion of an influential internet sensation/hellraiser mentioned that there is one thing to try in McDonald’s when in the Netherlands:

The McKroket

McDonald's McKroket in Netherlands-5988

“Wereldberoemd” translates to something like “World Famous”. This McKroket is probably the Dutch’s contribution to the modern world of fastfood and quick service high calorie meals.

Since there’s enough time in the airport before the flight leaves, there’s nothing left to do but to indulge in one last taste of Europe before heading back to reality.

So what’s in it?

McDonald's McKroket in Netherlands-5989Disecting the McKroket, it is essentially a kroket sandwiched in the typical McDonald’s hamburger bun. A kroket is a deep fried, breaded snack made of something that resembles cheese and beef (Beef ragout?). Kind of like a giant croquettas that you will normally find in Spanish Tapas Bars. The McKroket costs about 2.50 Euros as of this posting

Biting into it, the steaming, hot goo oozes out with salty flavors. It’s hard to taste the beef as it is overpowered by the cheese-like substance and that mustard-like dressing. You can probably find better made krokets in some authentic restaurants in Amsterdam, but this one is one pretty darn good. The wife is not much of a fan, though.

McDonald's McKroket in Netherlands-5992


What she loves, however, is the nice cup of McDonald’s coffee (that seems to magically taste better in Amsterdam. Hmmm…..) and the accompanying Speculoos gingerbread tasting cookie.

So if you are bent on trying this, you would want to go find out how to get a Schengen visa. Don’t worry. There is more also to see in the European region to make you visit worth it.

McDonald's McKroket in Netherlands-5990


McDonald's McKroket in Netherlands-5987It seems that the Dutch may take their McDonald’s really seriously. I mean, if McDonald’s deserves its own place in the directions board in Schipol Airport, McDonald’s must mean something big here.

Either that or it is for the typical American tourists who are just aching to return to the comfort of the familiar golden arches logo.

Whatever the case, there is justification to chow down on a multi-national fastfood joint when you are away from home, and that is to try what is unique/inherent to that country (Pretty much like an Amazing Aloha Burger from Jollibee, or some crazy crispy chicken sandwich war.)


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  3. Kira says:

    Why is it that any review of anything in The Netherlands HAS to mention whores or weed? Lack of ideas?? So much more to that country than that crap

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