Despicable Me – "It’s so flufffaaayyy!!!"

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Cute, cute, cute.  Nothing like a bunch of kids with very distinct personalities to change your heart.  This line was one of the most memorable.  This, and “It’s so fluffy I could die!”

The story is very simple. You know what the plot is all about practically from the beginning.  Gru, our “superbad” villain, lets you in on his grand plan at the start, making you empathize with him every step (or setback) along the way.

I think the keyword here is: entertaining.  With a simple story to tell, all the fun is in the characters and how the relate with each other.  All the minions were great too.  I want one now.  And a unicorn.

A must-watch for anyone.  (It would have been great if it came out during Father’s Day here in Manila.)  I think I want to own a copy of it too.

*Photos from Google Images and video from Youtube.

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