The Streets of Bohol

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Everywhere is fascinating when you take in the sights and sounds.  Here are some snapshots of life in Bohol.

Tricycles are the common mode of day-to-day public transportation. That, or you walk.

BreaDelicious. Saw several branches in Tagbilaran. We have this in Manila too, right?

Yes, one day, even paradise will fall. 😛 Non-acidic water, good for gastritis patients. Hahaha.

BQ Mall (by Bohol Quality Corp.)

I think there are more motorcycles and scooters than cars.

Fruit vendors on the way to Panglao’s beaches

“Want some durian?”

Boiled corn for the road

Kuya Jun, a Panglao bangkero. Princess Chiara was a gift to him from a generous tourist patron.

Lanzones are in season right now

A student walks amidst the shade of the Sta. Cruz church, located near the school.

A jolly staff from the Butterfly Conservation Center

Orderly traffic

A Magic Spot!

More motorbikes on the way to the airport

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