Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf – Pre-Milk Tea Craze

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Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Tea Latte, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Tea Latte, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Tea, Tea Latte, CBTL, Milk Tea, TeaBefore the onslaught of milk teas, our typical coffee shops and cafes have been serving us tea with milk already – the tea latte.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf serves you tea lattes hot or iced.  Choose from their freshly brewed teas and they mix it for with with vanilla syrup, milk and foam.  Sure, it tastes different but we find the tea flavor stronger in this.  So for tea fans, here’s another way to enjoy your drink.  Most likely you can have them use non-fat milk if you wish.

So the next time you feel craving for milk tea, why not drop by a coffee shop instead?  Besides, they’re easier to find given the number of branches they have.

Check out their drinks on The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf site or Facebook Page.






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  1. Sumi says:

    I love CBTL and their tea lattes! 🙂 I always order it hot though.

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